35 new cydia tweaks

As Sebastien alluded to in yesterday’s jailbreak tweaks of the week post, last week saw a colossal amount of new jailbreak tweaks released. There’s probably a good chance that, simply due to the amount of new tweaks released, you missed some.

In this post, I’ll showcase 35 new tweaks on video. You’ll find a mix of free, paid, and even some beta/unreleased tweaks. How many of these tweaks do you have installed on your iPhone? Have a look and see for yourself.

Paid Tweaks

There were quite a few paid tweaks released last week. All of these can be had from default Cydia repos.

  • WAQuickReply – $2.99 – Add quick reply to Whats App
  • Protecti+ – $2.99 – Take a picture of the thief that steals your phone
  • Acapella II – $1.99 – Gesture music controls for iOS 8.4 
  • Asphaleia 2 – $1.99 – Lock down iOS with Touch ID in style
  • Camerability – $1.49 – View the camera viewfinder from the Reachability view
  • AntiTheft+ –  $1.49 – See the face of the thief that steals your phone
  • WatchNotifications – $1.00 Add watchOS-insipired Lock screen notifications to iOS
  • Stunden – $0.99 – Add Android Interruptions interface to iOS 
  • Amplify – $0.99 – Improve Spotify’s functionality with QuickScroll, Sleep Timer, and more

Free tweaks

The following free tweaks were showcased in this video. All of these tweaks can be downloaded from the default Cydia repos.

  • TweaksRefresher – Free – Refresh sources or tweaks using a pull gesture
  • SafariSwiper – Free – Swipe between Safari tabs
  • Nella – Free – Meticulously customize the Cydia install/removal screen
  • Twitter++ – Free – Supercharge the stock Twitter app with tons of new features
  • FavoriteTweaks – Free – Save favorite tweaks on Cydia
  • SwipeForMore – Free – Easily manage Cydia packages with a simple swipe gesture
  • MusicMod – Free – Clean up and customize the new Music app in iOS 8.4
  • DismissProgress – Free – Put an end to Cydia’s forced resprings
  • Landia – Free – Use Cydia in landscape mode
  • NoUpsideDown – Free – Stop iPhone from rotating upside down
  • Regram – Free – Repost photos that another user you follow posted
  • SwipeAway – Free – Dismiss Cydia’s search keyboard with a swipe gesture.
  • TransparentSB – Free – Makes NC, CC, and keyboard popups transparent instead of blurred.
  • camshot – Free – Take a photo from the command line
  • Hide NC Lines – Free – Hide Notification separation lines
  • NoMoreSeperators – Free – Removes table separators in iOS 8
  • GoTappa – Free – visualize your screen taps within apps and on the SpringBoard
  • UnlockTime – Free – Show the last time your iPhone was unlocked on the Lock screen
  • Mousai – Free – Simplify the Apple Music experience
  • Minecraft PE Mods – Free – Modify Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Flyer – Free – Replace the Message’s Send button with an image

Beta tweaks

The following tweaks are in beta, some, like Picture Passcode are unreleased, but coming soon. Each beta repo associated with the tweaks can be found here as well.

  • Indulge – http://apt.steverolfe.com – View top free and paid jailbreak tweaks on Cydia
  • TweakHub for Cydia – http://beta.unlimapps.com – List jailbreak tweaks by app support, and rearrange Cydia tabs.
  • Picture Passcode – (not out yet) – Unlock your iDevice with a picture
  • CustomCover – http://chewitt.me/repo – Add Music and Lock screen album cover customization
  • RevealNC – http://decimation.github.io – Android-inspired Notification Center reveal

As I stated, this is a massive amount of new tweaks. What’s your favorite tweak from each category? Have you tried them all? Drop us a line in the comments below.

  • Raudales Mejia

    please review WAChatsHeads tweak

    • It didn’t work for me. I was planning on including it, but had to omit it.

      • Raudales Mejia

        oh, i read that some users had problems, but developer already update it to fix it.

      • Josh

        Any word on the picture Passcode tweak?

  • I love CustomCover but I swear it’s always been in beta. Lol

    Now that Indulge tweak is definitely one worth checking out. Sounds great

    • Indulge is legit. And, yeah, CustomCover is really nice as well… worked pretty well too.

      • Paresh Bhatia

        Hi Jeff Thanx for nice article
        please review Mousai

  • Anticipating for Switch2.

  • Tweak hub looks very handy, maximizing the benefits of individual apps…

  • KinkyNothing

    I’m sooooo ready for revealnc.

  • christodouluke

    Camshot does not take a screenshot from the command line. It takes pictures from the front or back camera. Hence the “cam” in it’s name.

    • Ddman

      Any way to change the resolution of the pic in Camshot. They are very low resolution photos.

  • Not related to this post,But I highly recommend u guys to check out “Amulet”.
    It’s a free theme and supports iOS 8.0 to 8.4 🙂

    • Stayce

      thanks am always looking for new themes

    • Cesar D

      looks really nice 😉

    • Josh


    • Phil Movejam

      which source do i need for this theme?

  • AnoNymouz

    Any answers about this??? I used 25PP and this package wants to update and it wont.

  • ⅰкⅰレレ∑d∆ㄕㄕレ3

    I want to thank you for doing a reviewing Mousai! it will have more features soon I really enjoy the video keep them coming

  • Guy

    RevealNC looks very smooth even iOS like. Apple should borrow that from android

  • QP

    Great work! thx 🙂

  • Kazam

    I prefer “igotya”instead of antitheft+.
    It just needs email address from you in the settings. Not more. Just use a special email address for that app, that’s it. And you can set up how many mistakes you can do before taking picture, sending it to your email aaaaand the location of you mobile 😉

    WAquickreply is ok, but why logging in with PayPal account?

  • Daniel Ramos Solfa

    Do you guys know a tweak that hides the content of the notification on the lockscreen? My whatsapp notifications show the message content on the lockscreen and i want it to show just the name of the person who sent the message. I can turn off “preview message” button on whatsapp settings but i do this, i can read the message content on the NC, i can only read the message by opening the app.

  • PsychicDonkey09

    Wow thanks a lot my tweak TransparentSB and Minecraft PE Mods is on it 🙂

    Thanks a lot Jeff