Tweaks of the week: Asphaleia 2, Twitter++, WatchNotifications, and more

Cydia Redesign

For the second week in a row, we’ve seen an incredible amounts of tweaks being released, with developers clearly reinvigorated by the new iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 jailbreaks. No one will complain about that.

Amplify: brings a bunch of features to Spotify ($0.99)

AntiTheft+: adds layers of protection for your iPhone in case you lose it ($1.49)

Asphaleia 2: lets you easily secure apps ($1.99)

Camerability: replaces Reachability blank space with a camera view ($1.49)

camshot: take photos from command line (free)

CustomDia: a tweak with a terrible description and a few features for Cydia (free)

DathBanners 2: colorie the notification banners (free)

DismissProgress: dismiss Cydia installation window (free)

eJuice: an eletronic cigarette calculator and recipe database ($1.99)

FavoriteTweaks: a Cydia tweak for saving your favorite releases (free – review)

Hide NC Lines: hides separation lines in Notification Center (free)

Landia: let’s you use Cydia in landscape mode (free)

Minecraft PE Mods: a bunch of mods for Minecraft PE (free)

Mousai: lets you clean up the new Music app in iOS 8.4 (free)

MusicMod: clean up and customize the new Music app (free)

Nella: lets you customize the Cydia install interface (free – review)

NoMoreSeparators: removes the table separators (free)

NoUpsideDown: prevents your screen from rotating upside down (free)

Protecti+: enhances your privacy on your device ($2.99)

ReGram: adds a button to Instagram to easily repost images from people you follow (free)

SafariSwiper: lets you swipe between Safari tabs (free – review)

Stunden: Android interruptions functions ported to iOS ($0.99)

SwipeAway: dismiss the Cydia search keyboard with a gesture (free)

SwipeForMore: lets you manage Cydia items with just a swipe (free – review)

Traffic Map iWidgets: a traffic map widget for iWidgets (free)

TransparentSB: makes Notification Center, Control Center, and more transparent instead of blurred (free)

TweaksRefresher: refresh Cydia with a pull to refresh gesture (free – review)

Twitter++: brings improved sharing, list access, and media handling to the stock Twitter app (free – review)

WAChatsHeads: it’s ChatHeads for WhatsApp ($1.49)

WAQuickReply: brings quick reply to WhatsApp Messenger (free – review)

WatchNotifications: get Apple Watch-styled Lock screen notifications on your iPhone ($1 – review)

YakAnywhere: vote, comment, and submit to Yik Yak to any school regardless of location (free)

Any favorite from this list? Feel free to share with everybody.