Nella lets you customize the Cydia install interface


Another day, another new Cydia customization tweak. I guess this will continue to be the new trend for the foreseeable future, not that I’m complaining at all.

It’s great to have tweaks that can finally customize Cydia without jumping through a ton of hoops. Nella is the latest such tweak. It lets you customize the colors of the installation interface background and buttons for a truly unique look.

Nella interface Cydia

After installing Nella, you’ll need to open up the Settings app and find the preference panel for the tweak. Once there, you’ll see several options for customizing the look of the Cydia install interface.

Options include background color, and text color for the respring button. There’s also the ability to disable the border of the button, and set the border radius.

Lastly, there’s a switch for enabling auto finish. This will cause the device to automatically respring when an install is completed instead of forcing the user to tap the Restart SpringBoard button.

I do wish Nella had some sort of RGB slider or color picker, instead of making users rely on hexadecimal color codes. I also don’t enjoy the fact that any change requires a respring before it will be enacted.

Despite those inconveniences, I still recommend Nella. It’s free, and as you can see from the screenshots above, the end result looks really good.

What do you think?