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Following Apple Music ad blitz with a massive Beats 1 billboard on Times Square ahead of the service’s public launch next Tuesday, the world’s leading music-streaming service Spotify has decided to extend its Premium trial from 30 to 60 days for users outside the United States, as noted by Android Authority.

Like Apple Music, Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month, but Apple’s service offers a three-month free trial period before charging users’ credit cards. It was also revealed this morning that Apple Music pays an industry-standard royalty rate for free users of 0.2 cents per stream, comparing roughly to Spotify’s 35 percent revenue share during the trial period.

According to terms and conditions, the 60-day free trial is only available to Spotify fans outside the United States. This special deal for new users is provided on a limited-time basis. Existing users are not entitled to this promotion.

“A limited number of 60-Days Free Trial Offers are available, while supplies last,” reads the fine print.

Each account may only use 60 free days once. Again, those who have subscribed to the Premium or Unlimited service, or have taken a 30-day or 60-day free trial offer previously, are ineligible for this promotion, as shown below.

Spotify Premium trial ineligible

Trying out Spotify Premium at no charge for two months requires entering your payment details. After the promotional period has ended, your payment method will be automatically charged the usual $9.99 per month rate for Spotify Premium.

If you decide that you do not want to become a paying user of Spotify Premium, cancel your subscription by logging into your Spotify account and follow the cancellation instructions prior to the end of your free trial period.

As the leading on-demand music streaming service providing access to a catalog of more than 20 million songs globally, Spotify has a lot to lose from Apple’s entrance into the music-streaming space.

On the other hand, Spotify is available across multiple platforms and many different devices, including Sony’s PlayStation console.

In over a little more than a month ago after launching the Spotify-Sony partnership, more than 5 million console owners have downloaded the app to their PlayStation devices, making it the quickest launch adoption rate in PlayStation history.

Source: Android Authority

  • Jeremy

    I plan on sticking with Spotify until later this year since I have Spotify Premium for students so it only charges me $4.99/month which is such a great deal for me. I’ll probably jump on board with Apple Music later in the year but just not quite yet.

    • When you have a 3 month free trial what reason is there not to try it? I plan on getting the trial while also paying for Spotify to compare and contrast the two services to make an informed decision.

      • Jeremy

        That’s actually a good point to make, I honestly keep forgetting about the free 3 month trial lol. But it seems kinda pointless to me because I listen to all my music on Spotify with the exception of Taylor Swift’s album on my music app. But I’ll totally get around to the free three month trial at some point in time!

    • Anthony Antunez

      Same here. Apple Music has that 3 month free trial though so I’ll definitely take advantage of that. I expected Apple to match Spotify’s student pricing since they are always going on about how much they support education and have education pricing for their other products.