Jailbreak iOS 8.3 TaiG 2.1.2 Cydia Substrate

As we noted earlier, the TaiG 2.1.2 untethered jailbreak tool was just released to much fanfare. This is the version of the tool that works as you would expect. It’s compatible with the latest version of iTunes, and works with Cydia Substrate out of the box.

Sadly TaiG 2.1.2 is still Windows only, but we have a good virtual machine tutorial for Mac only users. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to jailbreak iOS 8.3 with TaiG 2.1.2 in mere minutes.

Note: this tool requires Windows or a virtual machine running windows. You must have iTunes installed for this to work. The version I used in the video is the Chinese version due to the wait time for the English version download, but the two version are completely identical and just as easy to use.

Be sure to have Find My iPhone and passcode lock disabled before proceeding with this jailbreak.

Step 1: Download TaiG 2.1.2 from our downloads page; save and extract it to your desktop

Step 2: Connect your iOS 8.3 device to your computer

Step 3: Launch TaiG 2.1.2

Step 4: Uncheck the 3K assistant checkbox

Step 5: Click Start to begin the jailbreak

Once the jailbreak completes, launch Cydia to start the Cydia initialization process. Congratulations, you are now jailbroken on iOS 8.3 with a working Cydia Substrate!

Now it’s time to download and enjoy all of the compatible tweaks available for iOS 8.3.

Are you happy to now have a jailbreak that just works?

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  • Jesus

    am i the only one getting stuck at 60% still?

    • Jesus

      Not saying its your fault Jeff i know it’s the TaiG software

  • Devon Bunkley

    Couldn’t open Taig 2.1.2 under Virtual Machine? Any suggestions?

    • Ian

      Run as admin?

      • Devon Bunkley

        What you mean?

      • :D

        Right click > run as admin

  • Ian

    Most users with problems need to restore via iTunes first. Most likely they updated to 8.3 OTA (over the air) via settings on device itself. It was widely documented on previous taiG release that devices updated OTA would not succeed. This time around they concentrate the issues of passcode and iCloud Find IPhone settings but neglect to mention the OTA updates.

    • bandex

      i updated via iTunes….and have restored it twice via iTunes but still it gets stuck at the apple logo

    • bandex

      ny suggestion….

  • All In Capital Inc

    not stable, not gonna spend weekend fiddling with this junk.

  • HeavyComponent

    Just got done upgrading to 8.3 from 8.1.2 JB iPhone 6 Plus. It’s about time!! 😀

  • theasiantechnist

    Is it just me, or does TaiG not work with iPhone 6 Plus? I’ve been trying 2.0.0 and 2.1.2 or a couple hours now, but it still hasn’t worked. Help anyone?

    • All In Capital Inc

      Didn’t work either on my ip6+ so just gonna wait until a new version comes out and try again.

  • Scott Moody

    its working now :} just download it

  • swhitlow

    Just curious – who is waiting till 8.4 to see what happens before doing another jailbreak? I am trying to decide to hold off or not. Not sure it’s worth the hassle to jailbreak, then turn around and jailbreak it again after 8.4 comes out.

  • mickrrussom

    This jailbreak has been horrible. It tooks 3 machines with a downgraded itunes ( x64) and a ton if time to get it jailbroken. Once broken, then it rebooted like 6 times, then cydia crashed on filesystem init. Now my home screen is blank and im restoring from backups. This is the worst POS jailbreak – saurik should not have mentioned it in cydia yet as its still unstable – even 2.1.2

  • ThunderLord

    Iff you are stuck at 20% or 60% just do a clean restore and before choosing a backup execute Taig 2.1.2 and enjoy your JB 🙂

  • ToddE

    It keeps telling me I dont have iTunes installed but I clearly do. ……Help!

  • Oscar X. Diaz

    my computer is 64bit and I was told that Taig works only works on 32bit windows is there anything I can do

  • Masaki79

    anyone having the jailbreak fail at 60%?

  • Nick Vaul

    I’ve tried about 50 times. First getting stuck at 60%. Updated itunes including 64-bit drivers. Now getting stuck at 20%. Will wait for mac version.

  • Josh

    Can’t get anything to work. Failed at 40% this time. Guess jailbreaking isn’t in the cards for me for now. I’ll wait for the mac version.


    TaiG 2.1.2 still have some bugs in it still getting stuck at 20%

  • Andy Fone

    If anyone is still getting error 1101 try uninstalling iTunes like most of the guides say (uninstall everything apple from the computer (bonjour, apple device support etc…)). But then go into the device manager, then find Universal Serial Bus controllers > Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. Right click on it Properties > Driver > Uninstall. Uninstall the driver and delete it. Restart the computer, install iTunes and try the jailbreak again. After nuking the driver it worked for me

  • Simon Lai

    has anyone encounter this problem after jailbroken with taig 2.1.2 when rebooting your device its very very slow..

  • Kalonheim

    Whenever I open taig it can’t find my iPhone it just says retry and I’ve tried everything

  • Zephyr

    For anybody who is stuck at 60% and jailbreak fail. download taig 2.0.0. it worked for me!

  • Alnando Espaillat

    Can you just update taig in Cydia and update iPhone ? Currently running 8.1.3 on att iPhone

  • JoJo

    Been trying this for a few hours now but to my great frustration have not been able to successfully (re)jailbreak my iPad4.

    I keep getting stuck at 60% with a error 1105. It tells me i need to disable my antivirus software.. Its a clean windows install.. and not a virtual one either.
    Only windows Defender is running so I tried disabling that and I still got the error.
    A quick google search gave me some other suggestions like running taiG as administrator and disable Windows Firewall. These options did not help either.
    I’m running out of idea’s here, any help would be appreciated.

  • Isabella Guerrero

    Because, due to other individuals such as for instance Samsung, LG, Moto, Microsoft/Lumia, etc. having way within the 8mp that Apple had considering that the 4 (The number, maybe not the car photograph feature or camera features), I think it had been called for, my friend.

  • Asmir Avdic

    Can i use itunes 11.2 on windows xp ?