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Episode 112: Native apps begin appearing on Apple Watch via developer hacks, and a new hacking team focuses on the iOS 9 jailbreak.

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  • Mr_Coldharbour

    We missed your “peace!” sign-out at the end of this episode Cody, making the ending not iDB-like. Nonetheless, fun episode as always. I liked how you guys went on to talk about how a potential Apple Watch jailbreak could be implemented, all sound very valid. Also, good to have Timothy onboard once again.
    Speaking of Steam, long time fellow Steam user here! Counter Strike: Source (zombie mod) is where it’s at and has been for the last 9 or more years for me. Great show guys!

  • Chocolatewe

    jeff: “i have a wii u” LOL even my 6 year old sister says the wii u is rubbish compared to ps4/xbone, jeff doesnt know good games hes still living in the 80’s