doom ipad

Developer Adam Bell has hacked together a demo of the popular first-person shooter game Doom running on an iPad in iOS 9’s Picture-in-Picture mode. A video shows him opening apps and performing other functions on his iPad, while a demo of Doom runs in a smaller window.

Bell says that his iPad isn’t jailbroken, and he’s not using any kind of process injection. His method involves the use of public developer APIs, which means there’s theoretically nothing stopping devs from implementing this in their apps, although it’s unlikely Apple would approve it.

For those who missed all of the WWDC festivities last week, Apple showed off several new features in iOS 9, including Picture-in-Picture. The functionality, which is for iPad Air 2 only, allows users to view videos and FaceTime calls in a small window while completing other tasks.

Apple released a beta of iOS 9 to developers on June 8, and plans to seed a public beta sometime in July, with an official release coming later in the fall. Other new features in the software include an enhanced keyboard with cursor control, and a much improved Siri and Spotlight.

Source: Twitter

  • Phil Randle

    Neat proof of concept, kind of pointless though. Games are designed to be immersive, if you are restricting a game to a quarter of the screen, you must not be that interested in it.

    The feature makes sense for videos because there is a lot of content that only requires minimal attention, games aren’t like this.

    • dc7007

      I think that could be very nice for apps like calculators, weather, data meters, sport scores, etc. This could be used like widgets, or for games that have long loading times like Godus.
      But, can anyone with the Doom game, that the demo is not a video???

    • The demo itself is a video so this doesn’t lead me to believe anything other than videos can obtain this.

  • Blip dude

    “Apple showed off several new features in iOS 9, including Picture-in-Picture. The functionality, which is for iPad Air 2 only, allows users to view videos and FaceTime calls in a small window while completing other tasks.”

    Huh?? Do you mean this particular hack only works with the iPad Air 2, or the Picture-in-Picture function in general?? I just watched this section of the Keynote again and Picture in Picture (Video Pane), is also A7 iPad friendly, Meaning iPad Air, Mini 2 and 3 are also compatible. Only side by side multitask is iPad Air 2 only.

  • port87

    that’s cool if you have a game controller and a extra hand. (extra hand sold separately)

  • Raynler

    i can run games or play videos in PiP in my iPad4 iOS 8.1.2 using Multify. Apple’s own implementation is a crippled version of that.