Spotify Rewind teaser 001

If you ever wondered which artists you would be listening to if you were born in another time, now you can thanks to Rewind, a new feature by Spotify that helps you turn your music back in time.

By doing so, Rewind makes it easy and supposedly fun to know what you’d be listening to in another decade, based on what you listen to today and thanks in no small part to Spotify’s rich knowledge graph about its user base.

Rewind produces a throwback playlist for each decade, including some memorable tunes music lovers listened to throughout the 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s and 60s—again, personalized to you and based on your own musical taste.


As a web app, Rewind can be enjoyed on both desktop and mobile, though I’ve found the desktop version to be way more responsive, engaging and useful.

Just visit the link in your web browser, connect your Spotify account to Spotify Rewind, click the Let’s Rewind button and just pick a few preferred names from the pool of offered artists.

A throwback playlist for each decade can then be saved to your Spotify account. It’s quite an innovative little experiment that vividly demonstrates that Spotify is not done innovating yet.

And what tunes did you have on repeat in years past?

Sources: Spotify

  • Carlos Medina

    Can we all agree the Spotify has just been so good lately.

    • I’m still waiting to see an  Watch app…

      • Jamessmooth

        I agree with both of these points

    • nyangejr

      It’s going down to the wire

  • andyr354

    Hmm, none of a bunch of pages of artists it keeps suggesting have I liked yet on the getting started page. 90 percent of them I don’t even know who they are.

    • James Baney

      Agreed. 1 artist I know…(but don’t listen too) and 3 artist I’ve never heard of…

      And it will not cycle out of a general genre. I couldn’t get anything except electronic/pop.

      No offense to spotify because I’ve been praising it for years…but they are going down. None of the gimmicky features are going to keep me around and I imagine that’s the same for many other people. I feel bad for them…but I have a feeling we will remember spotify like we do MySpace. Proceeded by an integrated system that really does the same thing.

    • Timothy

      Yeah! The first artist in the list I’ve listened to a lot, and then all the others are utterly unknown to me. They have access to all of my listening history over the last four years; you’d think they’d look at it when determining what artists to show!

      • mp

        Have you tried listening to the artists you don’t know to see if you may like them? Isn’t that the point of the list, to determine what you may have listened to in a previous time; based on the style of music you listen to now? If you end up liking the artists pre-selected won’t you feel silly for nearly ditching something you never tried?

      • Timothy

        mp, we’re talking about the first step, where we must select three artists we love, so it knows what to recommend. 🙂

      • mp

        Well select three and take a punt that the list provided will be artists you will like.

      • mp

        It’s all algorithm based maths. If you like AC/DC, chance are you’ll like The Angels even if you never heard of the Angels.

  • Jamessmooth

    So far I’m not a fan of this. Lots of songs I’ve never heard of, lots of artists I’ve never heard of.

    • mp

      Just pick and listen to them. What do you have to lose?

  • n4nd4

    ha! Spotify saw Eddie Cue ask  Music to play songs from his high school years at WWDC and turned it into a hyped new feature. yeah Spotify is going down.

    • mp

      Eddy Cue needs a few styling cues, who’s he trying to kid dressing up resembling a pink elephant and dancing like one. Spend some money on decent clothes you tight wad. Nothing worse when these corporate psychopaths try to seem cool.

    • mp

      I think Eddy must be eating all of Craig Frederighi’s lunch AND dinner.

  • Gregory D Foster

    I tried this when it launched and it didn’t have ANY of my music. It made absolutely no sense, was really disappointed.

  • iKhalil

    So if if I chose one of my artist like Blondie, Elvis Presley or The Beatles it will take me to the 40’s?

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      Maybe, try it pls 🙂