Andrios Jailbreak

Andrios has been a hot topic for jailbreakers as of late. The upcoming tweak, which should be touching down any second now on Cydia, brings many Android-inspired features to iOS.

The developers of Andrios, BrandDev & Logan O’Connell, have worked hard to make the tweak’s tag line live up to the final product. Does it succeed in doing so?

True to its billing, Andrios is an experience. It’s name states as much, combining the words Android and iOS into one.

Andrios is not just a single tweak—it’s multiple tweaks meshed into a single package. It’s an Action Bar, it’s a Notification Center tweak, it’s a miniplayer widget, it’s a power down menu tweak, it’s a search widget, and more. It’s all of these things infused within a single package.

Each part of Andrios features its own section in the tweak’s preference. There, you can configure the nuances of each feature the way you like it. Here’s a list of all of the components featured in Andrios:

  • Action Bar
  • AlternateNC
  • Miniplayer Widgets
  • Power Menu
  • Search Widget
  • Switches Widget
  • Volume Slider

Keep in mind that the goal of each of these features is to bring an Android spin to iOS. That said, some of the features work better than others, while some features seem a bit out of place on iOS.

Take for example the Action Bar, which brings that back, home, and options button—three hallmarks of Android—to iOS. These buttons appear on the iOS interface, and look out of place in many instances. They sit too closely to other on screen elements, and at times cause a user to inadvertently tap them. The Action Bar is a good example of Andrios taking things to far.

Andrios 2

But then you have features like the Power Menu, or Search Widget, or the Alternate Notification Center. These features feel well-designed and don’t conflict with the overall user experience. Sure, they look a bit foreign when you consider the design language, but if combined with the proper theme, (I’m using the great looking Ksavir II theme in my screens and video) they can look right at home as well.

The point is, there are many things that Andrios does well, and some things it does not-so-well. Fortunately, the tweak is customizable enough to where you can settle on what works for you. Be sure to watch our video walkthrough above for a deeper look into Andrios and what makes it tick.

What do you think about Andrios? It has been submitted to Cydia, and it’ll be $3.99 when it touches down soon on the BigBoss repo. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

  • Great Tweak!

  • iPodDroid

    Now THIS is a tweak I’m definitely going to buy! Good Job developer!

    • Fanboy 

      All android users should switch over to iPhone now and just get this tweak. This would be the closest they would ever get to a safe, stable Android OS on any device 🙂

      • Well i won’t cause i got into Android than IOS with Lollipop

      • iPodDroid

        “This would be the closest they would ever get to a safe, stable Android OS.”Comments like these are the reason why iSheep are constantly being targeted. Did it ever occur to you that not every Android device is going to as unstable as most of you claim it to be? Did it ever? Because as someone who’s used quite a few android devices over the years, I have YET to find an Android device that is disgustingly unstable. Nexus 7, Droid X, GS3, and the GS5 were just as smooth as the iPhones were. Never did I have an issue with these. Never. But then again iSheep just love to make assumptions to make themselves feel good.

      • Okada San

        My HTC One M7 and Nexus 7 were glitchy for me. The N7 got worse after the Lollipop “update”. The fact that 16 million Android devices were infected with malware last year coupled with the glitch-fest made me switch back to iOS without regret. So yes, iOS is by far a more stable ecosystem. An open OS like Android has it’s downfalls and the risks far outweigh the benefits.

      • iPodDroid

        Mate this doesn’t apply everyone. While you had a bad experience with Android, another person could be having a great experience with it. An unstable OS isn’t going to apply to everyone. Honestly, if you get malware on your phone it’s your own damn phone. Can you link me the 16 mil android infected article if you have it? I have NOT heard of this as of yet.

      • Okada San

        Yeah, it doesn’t apply to everyone, but it applies to more Android and Windows devices than iOS devices, and the numbers show that. Sure, iOS isn’t perfect, and they never claimed to be (and neither has Android or Windows). People are free to use whatever OS or devices they want, I have zero problems with that. I like Android to a point. But having used both systems, my experiences have steered me away from Android and towards iOS. Luckily I never had any malware on my unrooted Android devices, but they were still much glitchier than my jailbroken iphone is. That’s what happens when a fragmented OS is used by dozens of device manufacturers. I thought my N7 would be a lot smoother of an experience but I was proven wrong (as were many others). To each their own.

      • Austin Dean

        I’m going to be honest and say I’m not much an an android person. Due to the business I am starting it is crucial that I start using android as well as continuing with iOS but I very much agree with you. Some may have problems and others may not. Bugs and the like are very often on a per user basis. Those that might be seen as a major bug in ones eyes may be disregarded by another user whom it doesn’t affect a whole lot. Android is a very open OS yes. It’s not as locked down yes, but iOS has its problems too. And many who have become so devoted to apple don’t seem to see this. I actively flash beta software to my devices, so yes I know I can’t complain about bugs on iOS too much because I know the risk before doing so, however I do it because I want to be able to report bugs and help in fixing the issues before they go public. Both android and iOS are solid operating systems. Both have advantages and both have disadvantages. In the end it’s the consumer who needs to make the choice on what is more important to them, and on what they are looking for in the matter of a mobile device. I’m not asking anyone to agree with me. But I appreciate the way your comment was put iPodDroid

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        As long as someone doesnt root their device and only install apps from google play they shouldnt have issues with malware. If they do stuff like that they are doing it at their own risk and manufacturers usually warn them about it. Some time ago jailbroken iOS devices also had issues with malware that came from some packages from specific cydia repos. If you decide to go beyond what the manufacturer intended you to go, you always run a risk. As for the lag, it depends on the device, skin etc. Not all phones are like that. My m8 has absolutely no lag issues but I really like iPhones too so I may swith back to ios on my next device.

      • Tommy

        My iPhone 6 just got stolen and I’m now using the Xiaomi 4. Bloody thing stutters every now and then. The experience just ISN‘T smooth. Especially when we talk about browsing (the pin pointing of links ain’t that accurate) and closing of apps (lags here and there when you close one app and open the other). So all in, I’d say my Xiaomi 4 is a NICE to use phone but just isn’t as fluid in usage when compared to iPhones. Heck the experience of the Mi4 is more equivalent to the iPhone 4.

      • @sexyhamthing

        Took a look at that phone, get yourself a decent launcher. Google now launcher is really really good.

        Honestly, looking at the cpu/gpu.. its definitly not good, and the skin on android isnt wonderful.

        If you’ve got the time id reccommend putting a custom recovery on there, flashing cyanogenmod or ..any decent lollipop based rom.

        Even on that, id imagine a stutterless lollipop.

        And hell, you can get rid of that silly launcher! Why keep the grid… its one of the worst damned things about ios

      • Ethan Nelson-Moore

        It is alarmingly easy to accidentally buy a fake Mi 4 online, with a MT6582 processor and only 1 GB of RAM. @Tommy you should use cpu-z and antutu to make sure “Hardware” says qcom not mt6582.

      • Kelvin Lieu


      • Benedict

        iOS is far too unstable, restricted in features, slow in workflows, not self-adjustable and unsave (whatsapp unencrypted, no system app updates via app store, closed source). No way I would use iOS.

      • Alberto Espinal

        I think you clicked on the wrong website maybe you thought this was Android Central, just in case you did that mistake!!

      • Benedict

        Thanks for caring 🙂 But it wouldn’t address the right persons there.

      • @sexyhamthing

        Troll account is troll.
        I’d rather use a smartphone than an iPhone … no matter what you slap on it.

      • Dan

        I’ve only been using android since Jelly Bean, but I can assure you that recent iterations are stable. It’s a common misconception that android is unsafe. Android just gives you the freedom, if you want to wreck your phone, you can. If you know what you’re doing you will be fine. I’ve never had a virus on any of my phones. Someone who is new to tech, I would definitely suggest starting with iOS.

      • Benedict

        I agree but I wouldn’t recommend iOS for people who are new to tech (in this case mostly older people). First, screens are (were) far too small. Too many icons on the homescreen – can’t be removed to just have the important ones. That makes it just a mess and confuses newbies. No Easy-Mode for Home screen. No Widgets for quick infos without rifling through icons. Way too small text, too flat text colors. Unpleasent keyboard. Difficulties in sharing content. Since iOS 7, a total mess of cobbled together features in dozens of swipeable menus. Too strong dependency on other Apple products (doesn’t work with SmartTV, Windows PCs, no USB-Modes [MTP, PTP]). Way too expensive, too fragile…etc. So no, not a device or OS for newbies.

      • Jailbreaking certainly doesn’t make your phone any more secure than an Android device. Great modifications like this come at a price.

      • Mr. Right

        If I’m correct this a tweak so that means it requires a jailbreak. I have an iPhone 5s which is jailbroken. Android and iPhones are both safe as long as you know what you are doing. Stable I would say Android is better because with a jailbroken iPhone it crashes more, freezes, boots into safe mode, and lags too. A root android phone probably lags a little once throughout the day.

  • dravid

    have been waiting for this from a week , best part in android look and ios apps, what a combination, mind blown

    • Maxim∑

      please don’t become a designer

      • iPodDroid

        Lay off him. He’s probably not very fluent with his english. Plus if he likes both the Android Look with iOS apps that’s his preference and his alone.

      • dravid

        no plans, by the way it is developer not a designer, and kid i will find u and i will kill u , hahaha

      • Maxim∑

        LOL, what if its both? shocking right

      • dravid

        boy , this is my last comment , thanks for explaining it to me but i won’t go any further, it’s a shock to me that your head is a part of your body which looks way bigger on your body

  • Thomas Meredith

    Is this tweak available yet?

  • Newgunnerr

    Why would you want a less awesome OS ..

    • Thomas Meredith

      Giving us the option to make it what we need it to be versus what Apple thinks we need makes iOS better IMO.

      • Tommy

        Well said.

      • @sexyhamthing

        Uh huh. So… whats gonna happen when the new version of ios launches?

  • James G

    I think I just threw up a little.

  • Andrew

    If I wanted an Android I would buy and Android. That is all.

    • Tommy

      What if I want Android but on the iPhone? Or what if I wanted iOS on a Sony/HTC/Samsung device? Food for thought.

  • ravinigga

    Funny that this Android run smoother on iOS device. No hate love both os

  • Guito Mendez

    Man Jeff, the music, love it!

  • S2k03

    Can’t wait till a jailbreak is out so I can try this out

  • regkilla

    Will this work on iOS 7?

  • James G

    I’m working on a tweak that imitates Windows Phone 10.

    Who’s coming with me?

  • Alberto Espinal

    Called me an isheep a fanboy or whatever you wanna call me because in the end you don’t pay my rent but i will never install something that has the Android word in my device, i hate Android, it is so badly design, look at those icons none of them match to each other it is a mess and it looks cheap!! Now comment on it cause I don’t really care and you are going to waste your time with me!!

    • @sexyhamthing

      Icons in video != to aosp icons.

      That is an ios theme jackass

  • Sleaka J

    If I wanted to drink Pepsi from a Coke bottle, I’d just buy Pepsi.

  • Raymond Lanser

    Not an android fan based on design more than android as a whole (honestly in some ways android is more functional) but this actually looks fairly nice. The only android tweak I’ve seen that seems to actually do a decent job at the crossover. Even tweaks like jellylock which I used for a while seemed to not be all the way there. Anyways, look forward to giving it a whirl when it’s released.

  • Meh, does a poor job of imitating the lag-free customized experience I get on my OnePlus One. Not to talk of still lasting all day while being fully tweaked out…

    • I have a OnePlus One. Not lag free and the camera is terrible. Not sure why its tagline was Flagship Killer. It has the specs on paper but Its not very good.

      • A terrible camera that’s on-par with the 5s (http://bit. ly/1QbRo2u)…by that logic, the 5s’ camera is terrible. Oh well…

      • Kelvin Lieu


      • Ubutthurt?

      • On paper the specs are good the actual picture it takes in the real world is terrible. No logistics here, I’m using the actual phone compared side by side to other devices. The camera sucks.

      • Yeah sucks like the 5s camera, and older iPhone cameras are dead incompetent garbage compared to it…

      • Sure because a camera can be incompetent garbage, You’re so far gone from reality.

      • “You’re so far gone from reality.”

        Says the dude that that keeps making ignoramus claims that are never backed by conventional facts/sources, all for the sake of defending his divine Apple…ignorance is a bliss.

      • Defending Apple? No. Defending the better devices, yes.

  • Ben

    Wallpaper please?

  • Ben

    Is this tweak suitable for a daily driver?

  • Steven Nowotny

    Great tweak! I love both android and ios systems. I have an iPhone 6 , 6 plus,a One Plus One running Lollipop, a Note 2 running CM 11 and a Blackberry Passport. These are all stable platforms now days. They are all smooth as well. I would say that my rooted android phones are probably more stable than my jail broken iPhones. However, at stock baseline they are all equally stable. If we could combine the multitasking ability and gestures of BB OS with the functionality of Android widgets and superior app development of iOS (iOS apps tend to be slightly better develooed than their android counterparts. ) we would have the perfect smart phone OS. This tweak lets us take a step in that direction. Cool!!

  • trollytroll666

    As much as I love the customization opportunities themes like this provide, I always end up resorting to the stock iOS layout. At least for me, I get bothered by the little bugs and inconsistencies themes bring to the table.

  • Christophe

    Nice job! It’s a very close approach to Android. But will it drastically affect battery life? If that’s so, the iDevice would become a 1000‰ pure android device

  • Vijay


  • Smeltn

    so this tweak is NOT out yet.. I have searched everywhere for it

  • Damian Kościelny

    I wouldn’t recommend installing it just yet, it just put my device into a boot loop for some reason. It happened after I played music and with the miniplayer shown up I simply opened the control center, then device hanged and after force reset it didn’t want to boot up. Just sayin’

  • Luciano Horta

    Now they MUST focus on adding new widgets.. google calendar widget are the most useful app in history of mankind.. I will miss when selling my Galaxy Note 3 🙁