Apple Watch unboxing 2

After what seemed like an immeasurable wait, I finally got my UPS delivery, and the Apple Watch is now in hand. Unfortunately, I only received one of the two watches that I purchased—a 38mm Apple Watch Sport with a white band. I’m not complaining though, at least I got something on launch day.

Watch our unboxing video for a full look at what’s inside. I’ve also included an overview of the Apple Watch hardware mated with my giddy commentary.

The Apple Watch Sport box differs from the Apple Watch collection and Apple Watch Edition collection. The Sport box is nice, but as others have shown, the Watch and Edition collections are even nicer.

As other have stated, the Sport band is much nicer than one may first assume, fluoroelastomer or not. It has a supple feeling that’s soft to the touch and feels great on the wrists. The black version of the Sport band is even better feeling.

Speaking of the band, it’s broken up into three parts for adjustable fitting. It also comes with an inductive charger (it’s plastic, unlike the metal versions featured with the Watch and Edition collections) and a tiny power brick.

The 38mm version of the Apple Watch is extremely small. I’m glad that this one won’t be my daily driver, as my 42mm Space Black Apple Watch Sport will assume that duty upon arrival.

Although three collections exist for the Apple Watch—the Sport, Watch, and Edition—it’s good to know that from a hardware perspective, all models of Apple Watch are pretty much the same. All of them sport the exact same technical hardware inside of the device.

Digital Crown

This is, perhaps, the most iconic hardware feature on the Apple Watch. The digital crown is found in the upper right-hand corner of the watch. It features circular movement and it can be clicked. The digital crown has several functions:

  • Click once to see the watch face of Home screen
  • Double-click to return to the last app
  • Press and hold to invoke Siri
  • Turn to zoom, scroll, or adjust i.e. navigating within apps and traversing the Carousel Home screen interface

Side button

This button sits beneath the Digital Crown and is clickable. It’s used for the following functions:

  • Click to show or hide your friends
  • Double-click to use Apple Pay
  • Click and hold to turn the Apple Watch on or off


One of the cool things about the Apple Watch is its display, not only is the display an AMOLED screen, with great black levels, it’s also a button. The Apple Watch includes a feature called Force Touch, that allows you to firmly press on the screen to do things like changing the watch face or to see in-app options.

The display features the following gestures:

  • Swipe
  • Drag
  • Tap
  • Force Touch

Unlike the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch is not multitouch enabled. Considering how small the screen is, that makes sense.

The rear of the Apple Watch

On the Apple Watch’s backside, you’ll find several notable features. You’ll see a speaker and microphone. These are used for music playback, Siri, Phone calls, etc.

You also have a heart rate sensor—those four little circles that rest against your wrist. These circles light up with a green color in order to calculate your heart rate.

The other circle that encompasses the four smaller heart rate sensor circle is the ring that the inductive charger pad aligns to. You simple rest your Apple Watch against this charger, and the charging begins. There is nothing to plug in on the Apple Watch itself.

Finally, you’ll find a pair of band release buttons. When you want to remove a band for cleaning, or swap between bands, use the band release buttons to easily do so.

One more thing

There is one more interface available on the Apple Watch that I’ve yet to mention, and that’s the diagnostic port. This port is located beneath the area where the swappable band locks into place.

The diagnostic port features six pins that allow a proprietary peripheral cable to connect to it. As of now, this port is only used by the geniuses at the Apple Store, and ships with a cover for protection against dirt, water, and debris. Whether or not that port will ever be used by the mainstream public remains to be seen. It’s possible that approved third-party bands could tap into this port for additional functionality.

As time goes on, we will no doubt learn other interesting facts about the Apple Watch hardware, but this is a good starting point if you’re brand new to the device.

What’s your favorite hardware feature of the Apple Watch? What feature surprised you? Has any feature disappointed you?

  • Jake Dai

    Huh Jeff I actually saw your face! How exciting lol

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    Looked like Jeff’s hands were shaking, and Apple Watch Stainless Steel comes in a bigger and better box

    • Yeah, I have shaky hand syndrome at time 😛 Yeah, the volume of these boxes is surprising.

      • Maxim∑

        me too! you should look into Propranalol I take it sometimes when working with small stuff too help control shaking.

      • Noah Jones

        Or get your self checked out for any neurological issues. Its presentation resembles that of an essential tremor.

  • Merman123

    So that’s the 38mm Jeff? Looks like a good size on your wrist actually. 42mm might be a bit too large for your wrist?

    • Yep that’s the 38mm. I’m not sure about my wrist circumference, but I have small wrists. The 38 isn’t too bad, but I think it looks bigger than it is on video. it’s _really_ small. I’m glad I went with 42mm for my daily driver.

      • Benedict

        You had to put the strap already to the second last hole. What does someone do with thicker wrists and his unpacked watch?

  • samyg

    Jeff, what’s your wrist circumference? the 38mm looks pretty okay on your wrist, not too small. I have 160mm wrists and am really confused about which to get when i do get one.

    • I’d say go 42. The 38 is TINY.

    • Jamessmooth

      My wrists are about the same size. I got the 42mm, you should too. It’s quite shocking just how small the 38mm is bs the 42. After wearing the 42mm around for a day, I say go with 42. It’s really not that big.

    • techfreak23

      Don’t listen to anyone else. Just go try it on and see what you feel works better for you. FYI, the 38mm is actually 38.6mm. Not a HUGE difference from the 42mm, but slightly better fit for the smaller wrists. The 42mm is almost awkward, but that’s just me. I like my stuff to fit me snugly and perfectly.

  • Tyler Smith

    Now that you say the 38 is tiny i have to go try one on before i make a decision…

    • Andres

      I felt like the 38 was really tiny, no way I could read off of it regularly

    • techfreak23

      definitely go try it on before you make a decision, especially if you haven’t ordered anything yet. I ordered both the 38 and 42 at 12:03 on 4/10, then tried them on the next day. Cancelled that 42 so quickly.

  • Luke Mulholland

    “At least I got something on launch day” way to rub it in Jeff 🙁 still no shipping email for me yet. What’s funny is my sister bought the exact same watch but her shipping date was beginning of June. She received hers on launch day which makes me even sadder.

    • Aw, sorry, didn’t mean to rub it in. I was just expressing how thankful I was to get something. Hopefully you’ll get it soon!

  • coLin

    So Jeff, what did you do with your iPhone 6 plus? Did you update?

  • DomPerignon1

    This is the most cumbersome device that Apple has ever built. I’ve been using it for 8 hrs and I hate it. It is very complicated and cumbersome to use it. I specially hate the password thing and the need of a magnifying glass to read the dam watch. Let’s wait a couple of more days and see.

    • George

      Finally an honest comment.

      • mobilemann

        clearly from someone who owns one.

  • UhaveNOlogic

    Here goes quarter on 42mm

  • UhaveNOlogic

    Btw mine came with m/l band installed. I had to switch to s/m band.
    I think in video I saw S/M on extra band holder.

    • Merman123

      42mm comes with M/L pre-installed and 38mm comes with S/M pre-installed.

  • @dongiuj

    Its actually a lot thinner than I thought!…

  • Rares

    So far I like almost every Apple product, ipphone, ipod, ipad and others. But, am I the only one how is not hyped about this, I find it useless and complicated.

    • Jim B

      You’re not, I totally agree with you. I’ve been following apple myself for a very long time and besides iphone 3gs and iphone 5s all other products came with some kind of issues. from antenna issues to batteries and how can we forget the so called “the new ipad” that almost immediately became the old ipad. And sheep sound as if this is the one big thing, it’s a watch I just don’t get it. But I guess it’s 2015 and everybody should have the right to waist their money the way they want.

      • iBanks

        Everything and everyone has its issues, including yourself.

    • Ovid Naso

      Yeah, im on the same boat, like seriously do we need to be more distracted, with all the technology at our possession already, the robots are taking over, heck am i saying, they already did,

      But on the contrary, apple has become a flagship for delivering to peoples fantasies, here is hoping “Smart” shoes is next in line

  • Jamessmooth

    Great video Jeff. I’d also like to see you do more unboxings in the future. After using the 42mm SS w/black sport band for a full day now, I can say a few things: build quality is beyond fantastic. There is a good amount of weight to this thing, but you don’t notice it during the day. The interface will take time to get used to, but won’t be hard for most people. A day or so and you’ve got it. I wish the taptic engine had a setting that would make it a bit stronger… Strongest setting isn’t quite enough. The few apps I’ve used so far (Instagram for example) I ended up deleting because frankly, the experience on a small screen just isn’t that good with them. I imagine this watch being something that I use often during the day, but not something I spend a significant amount of time with during my interactions with it, if that makes sense.

    • Lance Baker

      I believe that is exactly what it’s meant for. Very quick interactions so you can get back to real life.

  • Soy tu papi

    “Well designed package” Jeff please… It’s just a box!