Apple Watch Sport band is indeed adjustable via unique three-piece solution

Apple Watch sport pink band back

Following a recent TechCrunch report which claimed the Apple Watch Sport would ship with a three-piece band, the updated “What’s In The Box” section on the Online Apple Store has now confirmed that the fluoroelastomer band indeed includes three pieces to make either a Small/Medium (S/M) or Medium/Large (M/L) strap. The discovery was first made by MacRumors on Thursday.

This is important to note given a flurry of unsubstantiated reports that have been flying around, claiming that the Apple Watch Sport would ship with two separate bands for sizing purposes.

Apple Watch Sport Band three pieces

Based on the rumors alone, several third-party services, including BandSwapper, were hoping to market solutions that would permit customers to swap out their unused bands.

But due to Apple’s now confirmed three-piece solution, Apple Watch Sport buyers may not need to swap out their unused band for a different size or color.

Apple is currently selling the Watch exclusively online.

Earlier this morning, an internal memo from Apple’s chief of retail and online stores has officially confirmed that the device is unlikely to be available for in-store purchases before June.

Source: Online Apple Store via MacRumors