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Twitter on Monday announced that it would be rolling out a revamped Retweet feature to all of its platforms. The new feature allows users to easily add comments to Retweets, and properly embeds them instead of inserting them between quotation marks. It also lets you quickly undo a Retweet, should you change your mind.

The new Retweet is being rolled out to iPhone apps and on the web, and will later make its way to Android. For those wanting to check it out on the web, simply hover over the Retweet icon, and a pop-up box (like the one above) will appear, giving you the option to either perform a standard Retweet or add a comment.

Twitter has been rather busy as of late, introducing full-width Timeline images and testing autoplaying video ads. It also recently launched streaming video app Periscope, and is readying a new Foursquare tagging feature. To keep up with all of our Twitter coverage, click here. To download the native Twitter app, click here.

Source: Twitter

  • Err… you could do this on the web since day 1. Here’s how:

    1. Copy
    2. Paste between quotation marks
    3. Add your comment

    I don’t understand what’s new.

    • Melvco

      There seems to be a misunderstanding here. The revamped feature makes it easier for users to add comments to Retweets. How is this in any way misleading?

      • “The new feature allows users to easily add comments to Retweets using quotation marks”

        Using quotation marks? Actually, quite the opposite. Twitter just got rid of the quotation marks. That’s the whole point of the new feature.

      • Melvco

        this is just what most users associate the ‘retweet w/ comment’ feature with. However, we have removed the words “quotation marks” from the article to clear up any confusion.

      • By having removed the “quotation marks” part from the sentence, you rendered the next sentence false as well. It says: “something other Twitter clients have long been capable of…”

        No Twitter client has ever been capable of doing it. The whole first paragraph needs to be rewritten.

      • Melvco

        That’s interesting because I can select the ‘Quote Tweet’ option in Tweetbot and it will insert the Retweet inside actual quotation marks. I’m @Melvco on Twitter, and could demonstrate if you’d like.

      • Cody, we’re not on the same page. Read the entire sentence again. Here, I’ll paste it: “The new feature allows users to easily add comments to Retweets —something other Twitter clients have long been capable of…”

        Let’s deconstruct the sentence together:

        – The new feature is ability to retweet by using proper embedding without using quotation marks.

        – “Something other Twitter clients have long been capable of” implies that “other Twitter clients have long been capable of retweeting by using proper embedding without using quotation marks” – FALSE

        Do you see it now?

      • Melvco

        Ohhhhhhhhhh. The condescension was very much uncalled for, but I see where the confusion is.

      • Zero condescension. Honestly. And peace.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        Condescending it is. There is a difference on claiming an article as misleading vs calling it incorrect, which you did not.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        I knew what you were talking about Cody. I have used Tweetbot rarely but I know you could do that on there. I always liked the regular Twitter app better so I’m glad we can finally do this on there!

      • No, you didn’t know what we were talking about. You came to the party 15 hours later.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Oh ok my bad. I thought I saw this article when it first came out but didnt comment, but you’re right, I’m late. I should suspend myself.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Thats a long process. You wont need to copy and paste with this new feature. I believe this is how Tweetbot does it.

      • You do realize you’re reading the article at least 13 hours after it’s been corrected, right?

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        So? lol What you said though is what you did not what the article said I thought. Oh and you’re using the word “redacted” wrong. I redact things for my job and I’m pretty sure this article didnt have anything that couldnt be released to the public. So the correct term would be edited.

      • That’s one of the definitions, yes. Another broader one is simply edit. So I used the word correctly. As a third language, my English is perfect.

        Anyway, back on topic. Here’s the original text published 21 hours ago (obviously you missed the point of my previous comment):

        “The new feature allows users to easily add comments to Retweets using quotation marks – something other Twitter clients have long been capable of…”

        Find the false statement.

  • Now why do we always wait before iPhone. That’s unfair tbh

  • ghenoway

    Periscope for Mac OSX? LOL

  • I wish they’d make it so quoted tweets didn’t count towards the meagre 140 character limit. There’s nothing worse that trying to quote retweet someone who’s already used 136 characters