Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook

Hot on the heels of unveiling its HiRise charging stand for the Apple Watch, premium accessory maker Twelve South on Wednesday announced another interesting accessory. This one attaches to the bottom of any MacBook and folds up to an instant stand akin to Apple’s Smart Cover for iPad.

The BaseLift typing stand, as they’re calling it, is a remarkable 3.7 millimeter thin, has a microfiber-layered pad and stays attached to the bottom of your MacBook all the time, so you’ll never forget it.

Due to its thinness and lightness, the BaseLift adds virtually no extra bulk on your MacBook. The accessory taps Twelve South’s SurfaceGrip technology which won’t leave a sticky residue when removed from the notebook’s bottom.

The BaseLift is “so simple and adds so much comfort for just $39, that everyone with a MacBook should have one,” argues Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South.

“When I’m on a MacBook without a BaseLift now, I miss it terribly — and that’s the true test of a great accessory.”

And here it is in action.

As another bonus, the BaseLift will protect your thighs from both the cold of your aluminum MacBook and the heat when the CPU kicks into high gear.

Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook image 002

Smartly deigned to fit any current MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, the BaseLift offers an optional secondary Fit Strip for 13 and 15-inch models.

Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook image 004

Again, because the BaseLift is so thin and light it’ll fit inside pretty much any MacBook sleeve or case. And when you’re back at your desk, the typing stand lets you continue using a desktop notebook stand such as Twelve South’s popular HiRise for MacBook accessory.

Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook image 009

The accessory is compatible with all current MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, and easily fits into most bags and laptop cases right alongside your MacBook. Available only in red, the BaseLift can be yours right now in exchange for $39.99.

Source: Twelve South

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    I dunno. Kinda like it.

  • iViperzLTD

    Interesting product. Does anyone know if it stays on the MBPr if I have an iCarbons skin installed? I know it shouldn’t but I don’t want to have to dish out money on a product that would be useless

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      Same question here.

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      if im not mistaken I believe it uses an adhesive to stick to the bottom of the computer.

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    pretty cool, keeps your Mac off all the crap on tables and brings better airflow

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    Simple yet useful

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    Does it attach to a Macbook that already has a shell case on it?

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    Is this a review or an ad? The questions posed here are sensible yet time and again these ad/reviews tell you nothing but look pretty. Much like an ad for a samsung phone 🙂