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The weekend nears its end, but there is a very exciting week ahead of us, with Apple officially launching Apple Watch at a special event tomorrow. For those of you who can’t wait for the big event, we have gathered a bunch of tweaks that were recently released on Cydia to help you pass time.

For each tweak that we did cover on iDB, we added a link to Jeff’s full video review. Enjoy!

ArithmeticAlarm8: do a simple math to turn off your alarm ($0.99)

BlankKeys: turns all of your keyboard keys blank (free)

DathBanners Lite: brings app-specific colors to notification banners (free – review)

Digital Clock Icon: replaces the Clock app icon with a digital one (free – review)

Fortune: a 4chan client for iPhone ($2.99)

FullSwitch: shows app cards in full screen in the App Switcher (free)

Futuristic 8 Cydget: a futuristic-style Lock screen for your iPhone ($1.99)

HardwareKeyboardFix: a fix for a small annoyance when using hardware keyboards (free)

InstallReset: reset the Home screen icon layout upon app installation (free – review)

KillBoard: adds options to Respring, Reboot, and Shutdown from the App Switcher (free)

MagicBlink: control your iPhone at the blink of an eye ($2.99)

Melodic: share songs and edit their metadata ($0.99 – review)

MoonSilent: hide banners, Lock screen notifications, incoming calls with an Activator gesture ($1.00)

MorningApp: lets you activate an app on first unlock of the device in the morning (free)

NoSwitchBar: hides the Status Bar for all apps in the App Switcher (free – review)

Orangered8: enables Reddit push notifications ($0.99 – old review)

PortraitWallpaper: keeps wallpaper from rotating while in landscape mode (free – review)

Rochade: invert Twitter handles with full names in the stock Twitter app (free – review)

SevenSpotlight: makes iOS 8 Spotlight behave like that of iOS 7 (free)

SpringSounds: customize the sounds of various aspects of your device (free)

Tweetbot+ – several addons for the Tweetbot app (free)

UnDimWhat4: undims the Lock screen when songs playing are changing (free)

Widget Magic: lets you design your own widget without code (free)

You Fade Me Up: fades App Switcher icons when cards are slid up or down (free)

Which ones have you or will you try out?

  • Andrew

    The list dwindled down to eight, and it’s now soared back up to twenty-four. Strange. Especially since there’s a new version of iOS coming out soon, and the Watch is arriving, you’d think developers would hold off release in order to not get lost in the limelight.

  • Widget Magic is a paid tweak, not free.

  • James G

    iDB should have their own repo.

    • filter351

      I second that. I also wish cydia had a filter so it would only show you tweaks that are compatible with your current iOS version.

      • Would also be nice if Cydia’s search was worth a darn! Your idea is much more important to everyone though. It is so unnecessary that we have never ending lists of tweaks that aren’t even compatible with our iOS. So yes, that idea is a must!

      • TheBoi23

        If you are up for the challege we can develop together

      • Hot12345

        You cant, brcause its not a opensource.

      • Manuel Molina

        Everyone wish Cydia had a lot of shit to it. That’s why Comex is making a better Cydia and Freeman is fearful of what would happen.

      • Fanboy 

        Only once something is released will Saurik panic and maybe start working on new features

      • It’s not up to Saurik. That’s on a per-repo basis.

    • McBobson

      Why? What would they put on it?

      • James G

        They could make it better maintained than some others out there based on how well they maintain their own site. Also could be used for pre-released, exclusive tweaks.

        Could also be a revenue stream for them.

  • iPodDroid

    I’m still waiting for more info on iOS Blocks

  • Pablo

    What was the name of a tweak released recently that allows to set custom time for auto-lock?

    • Springtomize 3?

      • Pablo

        I didn’t know springtomize 3 could do that, but there was a tweak that adds new time settings to the lock section on settings app, and separates the stock times from your custom times with a broader separator line

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Heads up to every one, DO NOT UPGRADE TO THE NEWEST VERSION OF APPLIST. I’m stuck in safe mode after updating, and I’m seeing other people with the same problem.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I had this same issue with past updates and had to eventually restore my phone. I hated having to do it and I tried everything in the world to avoid it. Nothing I tried worked and I run very minimal jailbreak tweaks.

    • M L

      Same issue here. Wrote emails to Ryan. Sent him a crash report. For me it was a conflict with ‘polus’. I removed that and now all normal. So don’t know if it’s polus and Applist. Or Applist and certain other apps. But Ryan is aware.

  • I know it’s offtopic, but I really wish iDB would do an article on the iPhone screen. My stupid family still all is suckered into buying screen protectors for their iPhones. Such a stupid waste of money and they pixelate your screen.
    Since the 4S I have never had a scratch on my iPhone screen and it gets plenty wear & tear.
    So please help me out iDB! My family never listens to my opinion unless I have an Internet article to prove it….

  • I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a review of MagicBlink. It sure seems like a pretty innovative tweak and much more interesting than something as pointless as NoSwitchBar.

  • bd14u

    Still waiting for Ringers & Tone to be updated to IOS 8.1.2 or 8.2 🙂

  • mr_blizzard

    i try Digital Clock Icon tweak looks cool but after I installed , my phone was connected to charge and battery getting down

  • disqus_iWiM9EgI1s

    If anybody could help!!!! My jail broken iPhone 6 on 8.1.2 won’t show album artwork when I play music from pandora spotify or the music app on my lock screen for some reason anybody know how to fix this??!!!!!!

    • Scott Curry

      There’s a tweak that removes that (I can’t remember the name). Are you sure you didn’t install that?

      • octavio garcia hernandez

        same problem here and my list of tweaks it’s very large
        please help dude…

    • Scott Curry

      Look for BetterLSMedia…

    • octavio garcia hernandez

      work for me without subtleLock