PortraitWallpaper keeps wallpaper from rotating while in landscape mode


PortraitWallpaper is a new jailbreak tweak that forces the wallpaper on your iPhone to remain locked in portrait orientation, even when the rest of the interface is rotated to landscape mode. Depending on the type of wallpaper that you have configured, the results could get interesting.

The iPhone 6 Plus is capable, out of the box, of viewing the Home screen in landscape mode. For devices that don’t support this, there are tweaks that allow you to view the Home screen in landscape mode, and even the Lock screen in landscape mode.

This tweak applies in those scenarios. Once it’s installed, your Home screen wallpaper will no longer rotate along with the rest of the interface. It sticks in the portrait position as if it was glued to the screen. Even when you view the device upside down in portrait mode, the wallpaper stays right side up.

It’s not a tweak that’s going to win you any admirers, but PortraitWallpaper, paired with the right background image, can make for an interesting conversation. Again, it’s available right now on the BigBoss repo without cost.

What do you think about PortraitWallpaper? Is it something you’d consider installing on your device?