24 tweaks you should check out today

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The weekend nears its end, but there is a very exciting week ahead of us, with Apple officially launching Apple Watch at a special event tomorrow. For those of you who can’t wait for the big event, we have gathered a bunch of tweaks that were recently released on Cydia to help you pass time.

For each tweak that we did cover on iDB, we added a link to Jeff’s full video review. Enjoy!

ArithmeticAlarm8: do a simple math to turn off your alarm ($0.99)

BlankKeys: turns all of your keyboard keys blank (free)

DathBanners Lite: brings app-specific colors to notification banners (free – review)

Digital Clock Icon: replaces the Clock app icon with a digital one (free – review)

Fortune: a 4chan client for iPhone ($2.99)

FullSwitch: shows app cards in full screen in the App Switcher (free)

Futuristic 8 Cydget: a futuristic-style Lock screen for your iPhone ($1.99)

HardwareKeyboardFix: a fix for a small annoyance when using hardware keyboards (free)

InstallReset: reset the Home screen icon layout upon app installation (free – review)

KillBoard: adds options to Respring, Reboot, and Shutdown from the App Switcher (free)

MagicBlink: control your iPhone at the blink of an eye ($2.99)

Melodic: share songs and edit their metadata ($0.99 – review)

MoonSilent: hide banners, Lock screen notifications, incoming calls with an Activator gesture ($1.00)

MorningApp: lets you activate an app on first unlock of the device in the morning (free)

NoSwitchBar: hides the Status Bar for all apps in the App Switcher (free – review)

Orangered8: enables Reddit push notifications ($0.99 – old review)

PortraitWallpaper: keeps wallpaper from rotating while in landscape mode (free – review)

Rochade: invert Twitter handles with full names in the stock Twitter app (free – review)

SevenSpotlight: makes iOS 8 Spotlight behave like that of iOS 7 (free)

SpringSounds: customize the sounds of various aspects of your device (free)

Tweetbot+ – several addons for the Tweetbot app (free)

UnDimWhat4: undims the Lock screen when songs playing are changing (free)

Widget Magic: lets you design your own widget without code (free)

You Fade Me Up: fades App Switcher icons when cards are slid up or down (free)

Which ones have you or will you try out?