make music with iPad

Apple published a new video to its website and YouTube channel Sunday, highlighting how some artists use iPad to make music. Featuring recording artist Elliphant, the one minute long video discretely showcases a few apps used by the musician to create music in a radical new way.

The song, called All or Nothing (Riton iPad Remix Feat. The Gaslamp Killer), is very engaging, to say the least.

Some of the apps you can see in the video are GarageBand, iMPC Pro, NanoStudio, Serato Remote, and Manual Camera, which was used to record the video. The Apogee MiC also makes an appearance in the video.

What do you think?

  • avd98

    That’s one of the most awkward ads i’ve seen from Apple, they have even changed the font at the end…

    • John Wickham

      Well, everything changes with iPad, so… But I agree, this doesn’t seem like Apple.

      • nouseforaname

        that’s the best part of it / they’re jumping out the box – gaslamp is a great way to jump out of it too. it’s awesome.

  • jack

    These ethnic videos have terrible music.

  • Andrieux Querido


  • Meh…

  • ZeD

    What did just happen?

  • Matheus Lisboa

    For me it doesn’t really shows how the ipad is great for music, didn’t like it to be honest… Not only a poor choice of apps (Lemur,touchable, ims-20 would be a way better choice), but the music they chose and a lot more stuff…

  • Andres

    I went to her concert in September

  • port87

    I think its better if they just take the Jimmy Fallon clips when they used the iPad as a beat recorder/repeater