Sunrise for iOS (iPhone 6 Plus screenshot)

Microsoft has just acquired the popular calendar app Sunrise. TechCrunch, which first learned of the deal, has pegged the value of the transaction at a cool $100 million.

Sunrise has an awesome iPhone and iPad app in the App Store. It’s also available for the Mac, across other mobile platforms and in the form of a responsive, lightweight application which runs smoothly in a web browser.

“We’ve heard Microsoft will keep its apps alive as stand-alone products, while using some of its technology for its own future products,” reads the report.

Since its inception, the Sunrise startup has managed to raise about $8 million in funding. Sunrise is the only calendar on iOS to support push for Google Calendar.

Real-time push for calendar is a must-have in corporate environments so it’s now clearer why Microsoft has shown keen interest for Sunrise. The service also supports iCloud and Microsoft Exchange and has fostered a healthy ecosystem of third-party apps that integrate with it.

More on Sunrise can be read in Lory’s in-depth review.

Sunrise Calendar for Android (Everywhere)

Last December, the Windows maker bought another popular iOS app, the email client Acompli, for a reported $200 million. Acompli technology was eventually folded into Microsoft’s latest native application for the iPhone and iPad: the brand new Outlook mobile email client.

Download Sunrise Calendar free in the App Store and Mac App Store.

Source: TechCrunch

  • ericesque

    Welp, there goes the neighborhood…

  • Byron C Mayes


    • It probably won’t be that bad, have they broken Minecraft yet? Also Windows 10 is shaping up pretty nice according to the tech preview.

  • Ben

    Boo this sucks, I hate this, I loved this app, I have used it for a long time

  • I never used Sunrise (Fantastical is my go-to calendar app) but I guess this sucks for those that did use it. Even if Microsoft plans to keep the app alive what this actually means is they’ll issue bug fixes every time something breaks just like Google does to Sparrow and Snapseed…

  • I used it for a while but it wasn’t fluent across multiple devices. Plus the regular calendar would still remind me of events so I just went back to the default. I can totally see why Microsoft picked them up, there’s a couple nice bonus features in there that were nice when they worked. But I’ll stick with the default calendar for now.

  • AnArcticMonkey

    Why is everyone complaining? Look what Microsoft did with Acompli, the new Outlook app is incredible.

    This isn’t when Google bought Sparrow.

    • Joe_HTH

      Exactly! Microsoft will make Sunrise even better and then make it available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OSX, and Windows. Unlike Google and Apple, Microsoft is supporting everyone, sometimes to the detriment of their own mobile OS.

    • ericesque

      What are you lauding exactly? They removed a few features and changed the icon. It’s too early to tell where Acompli is headed.

      And to answer your initial question, Skype.

  • Ian Leon

    Hey as long as Microsoft doesn’t acquire the default iOS calendar app… I’m good

  • David J Delgado

    I was using Sunrise for a bit, now I’m on Tempo. I like how it shows me flight status, weather, social posts from my meetings, etc. Glad I made the switch, all Microsoft will do is the same they did with Acompli, slap on their name, change a few things around, and call it their own.

    • Exactly and worst of all – They get all the credit for it ..

      If you read comments on where you got users that are more in the Windows world and never heard of Acompli before MS walked in with a wad of Cash, they are praising them for the great job they have done on the “NEW” Outlook client ..

      Yes what an excellent job they done with a few tweaks here n there and ..

      MAAAN that new LOGO .. that is well deserved 5 Stars for Microsoft.

      Accomplice Who ?

      Makes me very sad .. because unless it was always been about the money for you as the developer then “Well done!” you have achieved your Goal.

      But knowing myself how bitter it feels when others get credit for your work and make no attempt in correcting the ‘Popular Truth’, well there aint not enough Dollars that can make that go away!

      (ps.. Although if you work for someone where its from day one part of the deal that the company and not the individual gets credit, thats something else. But here its all these Small Start Up Teams that disappear into a void of a MegaCorp and then none knows the App existed well before MS slapped their big O on it !)

      We love Sunrise here at Bookr. but we ain’t huge fans of Microsoft, esp with their track record of “the Next Big Thing being killed faster than you can Tweet Kim Kardashian’s Bum on a KIN” ..

      So thats my Sad rant, while digging around to find that unused copy of Fantastical, but Tempo sounds interesting .. i def like to give that a go as well …

      Now, shall i Bing it or just skip that and Google it and find it within 1 min? (Smirk)