Tweetbot 1.5 for Mac (Thumbnails)
Bad news, Tweetbot fans. Developer Paul Haddad woke up this morning to the realization that his popular Twitter client for the Mac has been pulled from the Mac App Store.

As if the app’s disappearance wasn’t enough, existing copies are experiencing authentication issues, allegedly over reaching Twitter’s strict limits on how many users are permitted to login to a particular application, as first discovered by 9to5Mac.

“We are aware of Tweetbot for Mac authentication issues,” reads the official tweet from developer Tapbots. “We have contacted Twitter and are waiting for a response. Thanks for your patience.”

Disgruntled users are reporting that the application is no longer accepting new logins, a tell-tale sign that Tweetbot for Mac has reached its token limit. As pointed out in comments, users whose account is already authenticated can get past the re-authentication screen be deleting the “force_login=TRUE” text in the URL after entering their Twitter credentials.

At the time of this writing, searching for “Tweetbot for Twitter” in the Mac App Store yielded no results, as shown on the screenshot below.

Tweetbot for Mac pulled from Mac App Store

Tweetbot for iPhone has not been affected. As per Twitter’s rules, no shared logins are allowed so basically Tweetbot for Mac is using different tokens than its iOS counterpart.

“Well I was having a pretty good week,” lead developer Paul Haddad remarked sarcastically on Twitter.

“While it’s possible that this could be a glitch in Twitter’s system, 9to5Mac was previously told that the app was on track to reach the limit around the end of 2014, and the app would likely have to be removed from sale at that time,” the article explains.

Twitter has been taking a lot of heat since it began limiting the number of tokens issued to third-party clients in August 2012. Some fans interpreted the move as a sign that the micro-blogging startup wants to get rid of Twitter clients in favor of its own official web and mobile app.

At any rate, Twitter’s attempts to control the experience of using the service appear to be rooted to the monetization efforts and supporting features they started rolling out in the past few months.

For instance, Twitter is trying out new features to surface content you may care about and has been experimenting with various advertising opportunities for a while now.

Coincidentally or not, none of the newly introduced features are available to app makers via the official API for third-party development. If Twitter has its way, we’ll be eventually forced to use its official app and, of course, watch their ads.

You could argue all you wanted that third-party developers made Twitter what it is today, but that won’t change the sad fact that at the end of the day it’s going to be Twitter’s way or the highway.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • I was already pissed off with Tweetbot. I paid $19.99 to get this app, but there were no major updates for the app. Sorry Paul, I believed that you’d keep the Mac app updated.

  • Rares

    Good, maybe they will finally get their asses to work. I’ve never seen such lazy devs, no app updated for ipad, no update for the iphone app and they always reply with the same tweets probably generated by their bots.

    • I’ve already switched to using Twitterrific on iOS and just use the Twitter app on OS X or the Twitter website…

      I used to like Tweetbot and it’s a pleasure to use whenever I do use it (on iPhone) but the lack of an iPad app and the glaring bugs in the current Tweetbot iPad app makes it hard for me to use and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s a shame really since I used to love tweetbot…

      • ck125

        Agree. Love twitterrific. Tweetbot just doesn’t do it for me. And the lack of updates is frustrating.

      • leart

        Tweetbot looks awesome on ipad, easy to use and intuitive interface .. not updated for ios 8, but still for my opinion is better than twitterrific especially when browsing pictures..

      • Tweetbot fanboy detected

      • leart

        I’m not tweetbot fan, just tried both of them before, and bought the one i liked the most. The option that convinced me was that on tweetbot you are able with one click to view only post with pictures on your feed or filter your own post or to another user..
        And to be honest tweetbot is so smooth, never had a single glitch and I’m not using latest devices…

      • And to be honest tweetbot is so smooth, never had a single glitch and I’m not using latest devices…

        This explains a lot then. For older devices tweetbot is great but it’s definitely not optimised for my 64 bit iPad Air 2 and I can’t use iOS 8 share sheets / extensions nor does it fit in with the UI of my operating system.

        Really there’s nothi wrong with Tweetbot other than the fact that it’s neglected it’s like saying “I like Windows XP” there’s nothing wrong with it except for the fact it’s old, decrepit no longer supported and lacks key features found in competing products.

      • leart

        Meh, have no idea how it works on newer devices and ios 8, since I’m using it on iPod4/iphone4/iphone4s/ipadmini1 in ios 6/7 and the most important, I’m using tweetbot 2 not 3 and of course the only ipad version available. Feels very complete and probably is the most smoothest app I have installed, like I told you the key option for me was to be able to browse only photos, don’t know if twitterrific has that option now but when I started to use tweetbot back in 2013 didn’t have it

      • It’s not good at all on newer devices. To give you an example I open the app, tap and hold on a tweet and bam the app crashes. I open the open again only this time single tap on a tweet and tap share and bam the app crashes…

        Tweetbot was definitely the real deal back in the days of iOS 6 though 😉

      • leart

        Definitely on ios 6, even on ios 7 (4s) probably is the only app that never crashed

  • Nathan

    If your account is already authenticated and it’s asking you to re-authenticate, you can successfully login if you delete the ‘force_login=TRUE’ text in the URL after entering your account info. Just an FYI if you wanted to add this to the article.

    • Thanks, added that bit

      • Nathan

        Awesome! Oh and btw I got that iPad that I tweeted you about a few months ago!!

  • jp2002

    Same way they killed twitpic evicting Novah.

  • Sleaka J

    I gave up on Tweebot some time ago after they let the iPad version languish. It still hasn’t received an iOS7 update. Poor form.