Spotify 2.2 for iOS Touch Preview iPhone screenshot

The leading music-streaming startup Spotify on Thursday announced a better way to preview music using new gestures in its iOS app. Dubbed Touch Preview, the feature allows music lovers to get a sneak peek of any playlist, song, album or artist by holding down their finger to start the music playing instantly.

“It means less time looking for the perfect music, and more time actually listening to it,” wrote the company.

If you like a song you’re previewing using Touch Preview, you can quickly add it to your collection by left-swiping. Both Touch Preview and the new swipe gestures are available to iOS users from today, and will soon be rolled out across other platforms.

Here’s Touch Preview in action.

Spotify’s previous update brought native display support for the new iPhones and a handy music discovery feed called Top Tracks In Your Network, which gets automatically populated with the music the people you follow are listening to right now.

Last Monday, the Swedish firm announced a major milestone: it now has fifteen million subscribers paying for its premium features and sixty million active users total.

The 32.7-megabyte app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 7.0 or later.

Grab Spotify free in the App Store.

Source: Spotify Blog

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    Does anyone know what this means? It pops up when I go on Cydia.

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      It’s like an ad, if you touch “allow” it will redirect you to a sponsored App on the AppStore, nothing to get worried about 🙂

      • Glenn DolFan Baptista

        Thank You sir

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        You can thank Jay for that, without it, your screen would automatically switch to the app Store

    • Carlos Medina

      I thought i was the only one and had something to do with a source.

    • Thomas Hopkins

      It happen if you have installed AdBlock I think. It prevents ads from redirecting you to the AppStore, but still asks you if you want to let it redirect

  • Sway

    Is anyone’s Spotify avt weird last 2 month? The radio music selection isn’t as related as it used to be. I pretty much switched to iTunes radio. I’m still paying for it in hopes it gets better

  • blist

    Is it for all or just for premium users?

  • Sokrates

    They could change that without even updating the app through the app store!

    • Xee

      They did. I got a notification in the app that I could now do all the above. Its actually really good. Giving Spotify a try coming from Deezer.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I’m not seeing it in mine yet. Is there an update or what?

  • I got a notification in the app, but I try to do it, but to no avail.

    • Merman123

      Same here. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Have you figured it out yet ?

  • totempole90

    Where do I find “Top Tracks In Your Network”?

  • Thomas Hopkins

    I was waiting for spotify to roll out this feature to all songs ever since they indroduced it for ‘featured songs’ (or whatever they called it). Yippee!!