DockPhone dial

DockPhone is a new app that lets you dial and call any number directly from your Mac. Based on FaceTime’s capabilities, and taking advantage of the new Continuity feature found on OS X Yosemite, DockPhone lets you make calls via your iPhone cellular connection right from the Mac, effectively adding a simple feature that users would have expected Apple to ship with Yosemite in the first place.

After downloading the app and granting it access to your contacts, you can simply start typing the name of a contact or a phone number. Hit Enter twice and the call will be placed on your Mac using your iPhone cellular connection. Your Mac then acts as a bridge between your iPhone and the recipient’s phone.

DockPhone also comes with a VoiceDial feature that lets you either say the name of the person you want to call (assuming this person is in your contacts), or simply dictate a phone number to dial. Finally, the app comes with a simple Notification Center widget that shows your four most frequently called contacts so you can easily call them directly from there without launching the app.

DockPhone Notification CEnter

In my limited testing of DockPhone, I found the app to work well, even though it wouldn’t let me place calls at first. This appeared to be a temporary problem as it worked flawlessly passed that initial hiccup.

Of course, for all this to work, you must meet Continuity’s basic requirements, mainly having an iPhone 5 or newer with iOS 8.1+, as well as Yosemite installed on a Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

DockPhone is $0.99 in the Mac App Store. For that price, it definitely beats using workarounds to dial phone numbers directly from your Mac.

The folks behind DockPhone were nice enough to share a few promo codes with iDB readers. It’s first come, first served, so hurry. If you weren’t fast enough to grab one of hose codes, you can still download DockPhone in the Mac App Store. It’s worth it.


  • Adriano Matos

    I have an iPhone 4S and i can make calls and receive on my MBP. Is the iPhone 5 needed for this app??

    • Franklin Richards

      I’m guessing they need the phone to have Bluetooth 4.0 LE. So the iPhone 4S won’t work.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    All the codes are already redeemed to save you time.

  • William Z. 

    could someone explain how’s this app different from the stock FaceTime app in terms of placing regular calls?

    • Daniel Arrington

      The functionality is the same, but the interface is more intuitive and straightforward for making phone calls

  • Kyaw Swar Aung

    So, what’s the difference from Original?

  • Chetan

    No need for the app. Just press Cmd+Space start writing the contact name and on the details pane click on the numbers to do much more which includes: Call, sms, FaceTime audio and video, emails etc.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Seb sir, Your wife is cute. 🙂 😀

  • Franklin Richards

    I stand corrected.

    • Adriano Matos

      I’m still trying to get this part: “mainly having an iPhone 5 or newer”. I assume that is only for the app to work. Just made a call with my iPhone 4S

  • Purchased this just for the interface, but the app has some small drawbacks. I’ve already contacted the developers about these and they’re working on them, but you might consider the change log before purchasing.
    – doesn’t find contacts by nickname (use those all the time for e.g. “mom” or “dad”)
    – doesn’t ignore accents when searching (typing “Celine” won’t show up “Céline” in the results)
    – crashes when backspacing too fast (note: I have Karabiner installed to reduce key repeat delay further than OS X defaults)