As reported by Ad Age this morning, Chase, one of early launch parters for Apple Pay, will begin airing its very first television commercial highlighting Apple’s mobile payment service later today. The ad depicts Fun lead guitarist Jack Antonoff and his indie band the Bleachers relying on Apple Pay to make purchases at several locations while making preparations for a rooftop concert.

The commercial is meant to boost Apple Pay’s appeal in small business environments. Businesses using the Chase Paymentech service for payment processing can now tap the bank’s Future Proof Terminal to accept Apple Pay payments at the register. Moreover, Chase has released updated SDK tools for developers to implement paying for goods and services in apps with Apple Pay.

Here’s the short 30-second version of the ad.

The above version is set to air on major networks in primetime shows, sporting events, and holiday specials, helping raise Apple Pay’s visibility with the general public.

Ad Age reports that Apple’s marketing honcho Phil Schiller played a role in guiding creative concept for the commercial, with the Chase team spending half day with Apple’s “storytellers” in Cupertino.

“Our concepts went to Phil Schiller, our storyboards went to Phil and someone from the brand team was on the shoot, so they were involved there too,” a Chase representative told Ad Age.

Check out the full version running one minute and 34 seconds long.

MasterCard similarly ran a high-profile TV campaign last month promoting Apple Pay.

Last week, Chase kicked off a promotion to entice its cardholders to try out Apple Pay by giving away free iTunes music to anyone who added their Chase card to Apple’s payment service.

[Ad Age via MacRumors]

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Uhh.. you guys have the same video (short version) uploaded twice.

  • Ian Leon

    I imagine getting the screen brightness right in those not so well lit places took a someone being there to care. Also the composition of the shot when the guy is paying with his phone looks a lot like the one from the keynote. So there’s this kind of uniformity.

  • deepdvd

    Check out the full version running one minute and 30 seconds long…. if you watch it three times… in a row.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Sad….. Google comes out with mobile payments no one bats and eye. Apple comes out with Apple pay everyone loses their mind.

    Google sucks lol

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      Dan finds this funny!! Lol