Pangu for iOS 8 caught us all by surprise, but it shouldn’t be a shock that the talented Chinese jailbreak team pulled off a jailbreak in such a short period of time since iOS 8’s release. While the Pangu tool for iOS 8 isn’t exactly ideal as far as a consumer jailbreak goes—it doesn’t come bundled with Cydia, it’s in Chinese, and it’s Windows only—it’s certainly better than nothing.

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to jailbreak iOS 8.1 using Pangu 1.0.1 with a Windows machine. It’s an extremely easy and simple process, as long as you follow the steps exactly. This tool can jailbreak the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and any other device capable of running iOS 8.x. Check out our full video tutorial for the details.

Note, this jailbreak does not install Cydia yet. Check back for the Cydia tutorial.

Step 1: Perform a fresh restore of iOS 8.1 on your device with iTunes

Step 2: On your iOS device go to Settings → iCloud → Find My iPhone, and disable Find My iPhone

Step 3: On your iOS device Go to Settings → Passcode, and disable the Passcode Lock

Step 4: Install iTunes on your Windows machine, and ensure that iTunes recognizes your iOS device when you connect it to your computer. This is vital.

Step 5: Download the Pangu tool from our downloads page and save it to your desktop

Step 6: Right click on the Pangu tool, and select Run as administrator → Yes

Step 7: Uncheck the box on the Pangu tool to prevent necessary software from installing on your iOS device

Step 8: Wait until the Pangu tool recognizes your connected iOS device and click the blue jailbreak button

Step 9: Be patient as the jailbreak process completes, and then launch the Pangu app on your iPhone

Step 10: Check back for our Cydia installation tutorial to install Cydia and download tweaks and apps

If you follow these steps to a tee, you should have no problem jailbreaking your iOS 8.1 device. Yes, this even works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Did it work for you? Sound off in the comments below with your questions, thoughts, and opinions.

  • Dave Grim

    I keep getting procedure entry point error. Adiadid_acquirematchslotifnecessary could not be located. Any help appreciated.

  • narek

    does it make 4s faster ? thanks

  • Tommy Welle Jacobsson

    Can you do it like this?: Fresh Restore, jailbreak, restore from backup? To get you apps and settings?

  • Brandon Angle

    Anyone else freezing during the restart? It stops after restore and about 90% on the load bar on the screen or 5/6 on Pangu.

    • Eric MacQuilliam

      What you need to do is open iTunes and click restore iPhone. It should download iOS 8.1 and reset your phone to factory settings, after which you can restore your previous settings.

  • Luke Mulholland

    Anyone else getting error on the pangu jailbreak app?

  • Luke Mulholland


  • dbraxt09

    should we leave the passcode off even after the jailbreak?

    • Buff Brownear


  • Do y’all think the Pangu team will fix the boot loop bug that’s caused by the passcode, TouchID and Find My iPhone? Or is that caused by the fact that my devices was updated via OTA?

  • Harrison

    So I’m getting some error trying to jailbreak my iPad that’s saying [incomprehensible bullshit]”iCloud”[more incomprehensible bullshit]”iPhone”[a little more incomprehensible bullshit] about 1/5 of the way through, any ideas?

    • Buff Brownear

      its a problem

  • Kevin Rauseo II

    Is it necessary to do a fresh restore?

  • Michael Kennedy

    got stuck at the end of the restore process on my iPhone 6!
    anyone know hot to fix this?

  • James A

    Any OTA Update 8.1 Problems ?

  • Guest

    i get this what does it mean

  • canduran

    i get this what does it mean???

  • Ryan Bartsch

    Have to complete restore, jailbreak with airplane mode on, then install cydia, then install from backup and works great! 🙂

  • Maizn Nasser

    fallow all steps when i want to jailbreak it only reach to 4/6 and then stopped
    please help any one have this issue

  • yosemite

    Hi all,
    I updated Pangu to 0.2. Is it safe to turn on passcode and find my iphone after such update, avoiding loops at reboot, as lot of users reported?
    By the way, does anybody know how to access Applications system folder?
    On previous ios versions, it used to be located under var/mobile/Applications, but on ios 8, folder Applications no longer exists.
    Using ios 8.1 on iphone 6. JB’ed from itunes’s backup.
    Thanks in advanced.

  • Peter

    no didn’t work goes as far as 4/6 then an error message in Chinese

  • Frank DiGiaro

    NEED HELP, The blue button to press is gray and i cant click it someone please help me please

  • Frank DiGiaro

    NEED HELP, The blue button to press is gray and i cant click it someone please help me please The butoon EILL NOT TURN BLUE

  • Pradeep Bisht

    I am trying first time to JB the ip6, I performed all the steps and installed cydia manually, I can see the Cydia icon and update to unthether 0.1-0.2, Everything is done, How can i make sure that my ip6 is jail breaked now?

    I have few more question like.

    I understand the difference between unlocked and jailbreak but i have a feeling that if we jailed breaked then it will automatically carrier unlocked the iphone but it didnot, How can i unlock this JBreaked iphone?

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem


  • Debisi Balogun

    Hello I’m trying to download cydia on my iphone from window laptop but send command is grey out. Do you have ideal what to do?

  • Guest

    anyone know what this is?

  • Guest

    anyone know what this is? My iPod won’t go on?

  • Keshav Chawla

    Anyone know what this is? My iPod won’t go on?

  • I unchecked the box but still have that “PP” Chinese App Store installed… how would I go about removing it?

  • Daniel K

    Mine took a while on the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m using a Mac with parallels desktop. For a moment I tough it got stuck on step 4/6 (Restore in progress). But I just waited a little longer and that was it. Overall, it took about 15 to 20 minutes (maybe more) for the jailbreak to finish. Be patient. Thanks for the videos iDownloadblog

  • MrE23

    I have an extra icon on my iPad 3 (a blue P with Chinese characters). Any idea what this is? Also when rebooting my iPad 3 I have a very long black screen before the lock screen finally appears.

  • Louis Darmawan

    hello is there anyone who got same problem as me after the jailbreak?? my ipad sometimes restart by itself

  • Louis Darmawan

    after jailbroken ,, my device always reboot by itself,, anyone have the same problem??

  • Tommy Hoang

    I restored my iphone and lost my jailbreak. Now i trying to jailbreak it again i stuck at 5/6 in pangu after that i need to restore my iphone again whats wrong 🙁 help anyone?

  • Steven Marquez

    help!!! when I am in pangu, it says that, “do no find ITUNES, please install ITUNEs first”, but I already have it. help!!!!

  • Naol Sileshi

    my ipad 3 does the jailbreak normally and after rebooting and clicking the pangu app it does the reboot and then no cydia

  • Juan Esteban Lanao

    Can i activate passcode and find my iphone again after jailbreaking?

  • Somer

    I paid for the unlock through pangu and i was wondering after i went through this process, is my iphone unlocked?

  • Red Line

    sir when i install it then i face problem on pongu check your internet conection help me plx

  • matthew

    It said that my itunes is not update but is what to I do

  • Ollie Doyle

    I have the newest version of iTunes installed but Pangu just says my version is too old? Any ideas?

  • Bob

    Hi, I have installed the latest version of itunes but when I run Pangu as an administrator, it says that I need to download 11+ version of iTunes. am I missing anything in the process. hope you can help