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Jailbreak developer FireCore has made a name for himself with the aTV Flash Black software that supercharges the $99 Apple TV media streamer. But he’s also behind Infuse, an excellent app that brings support for a plethora of audio and video file formats to iOS, no conversion needed.

Apps like Infuse are a big deal because Apple’s mobile operating system does not support “foreign” media formats out of the box. Following the initial Infuse release on April 30 of last year and Infuse 2 last December, here comes Infuse 3, probably the biggest update thus far.

Infuse 3 supports iOS 8 as well as the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus display sizes and contains other perks that round out the feature set quite nicely. And it’s especially timely given that VLC for iOS got removed recently from the App Store for legal reasons, again!

So what else is new in Infuse 3? Read on for the full reveal.

Audiophiles will love Infuse 3 — at last, the app brings support for the highly sought after DTS and DTS HD audio format (officially licensed and certified, of course).

Infuse 3 (iPad screenshot 001)

There are too many goodies to mention here so I’ll just focus on the biggest changes. For starters, streaming via Infuse now works with network attached storage devices like the AirStash, Sandisk Connect, Seagate Wireless Plus, Lacie Fuel and many others.

The web interface used to wirelessly upload media from a computer to Infuse has been refreshed and simplified, too, check it out below.

Infuse 3 (browser upload)

Next, Infuse 3 takes advantage of the 64GB onboard storage provided by Mophie’s Space Pack iPhone battery case that saves the day when you run out of space on your iPhone.

If you use Infuse in conjunction with AirPlay to stream your videos to an HD TV through the Apple TV box, Infuse 3 improves upon the reliability of AirPlay streaming. The app lets you stream a wide variety of videos types such as MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI and others, over AirPlay, with full surround sound and streaming subtitles.

Infuse 3 (iPhone screenshot 002)

And when you wanna share your synced files with other users, you can now do so using Apple’s built-in AirDrop device-to-device wireless sharing technology. I also like that Infuse now transfers files as expected when I set up my iPhone as a wireless hotspot

Speaking of streaming, Infuse 3 streams content over cellular networks, not just Wi-Fi. You can also download videos in the background and directly from the main menu. Folks who access network folders a lot (guilty as charged: I use Infuse to stream videos off my Time Capsule), the app now makes it easy to create favorites for quick access to streamed folders.

Infuse 3 (iPhone screenshot 001)

A new dark mode theme is available, too, should you prefer interfaces that are easier on the eyes. Last but not least, Infuse at last makes it possible to mark movies and shows as watched or unwatched and will sync your Trakt watched history two-way.

Infuse 3 changelog:

  • Optimized for iOS 8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Streaming is now available to free users
  • Share synced files via AirDrop
  • Create favorites for quick access to streamed folders
  • Download content from the main ticket view
  • Huge improvements for browsing TV show collections
  • Dark mode theme
  • Download/stream synced files via HTTP
  • Download videos in the background
  • Use your own folder artwork (folder.png or folder.jpg)
  • Default language options for audio, subtitles, and metadata
  • Sync/stream over 4G/LTE cellular
  • Manual artwork for folders (use folder.jpg or folder.png)
  • Mark movies and shows as watched/unwatched
  • 2-way Trakt watched history sync
  • Sort files by name or date
  • Tap ticket artwork to start video playback
  • Manual movie/show title search
  • Transfer files via Wi-Fi when iPhone is acting as a hotspot
  • Initial URL scheme for video streaming
  • Better support for subtitle encoding types
  • Better support for some TV series
  • Better handling of new and past In-App purchases
  • Improved AirPlay reliability
  • Improved subtitle support for Arabic languages
  • Improved playback of some h.264 content
  • Resolved issues with missing synced iTunes content
  • Various UI updates
  • Many other reliability and performance improvements

Keep in mind that Infuse does not support DRM-protected movies and TV shows purchased from the iTunes. Infuse 3 is a free upgrade to everyone who previously purchased the app.

Infuse 3 (iPad screenshot 002)

And for a limited time only, they’re offering a huge discount to those upgrading from older versions — after updating to 3.0, just tap the “Upgrade to Infuse Pro” button in the sidebar menu to unlock all the new features.

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  • Austin Steffen

    I miss when this website would talk about jailbreak tweaks. I get this pointless news on the verge this website was always great for demonstrating jailbreak tweaks and news

    • Chris Wagers

      Probably when ios 8.x jailbreak is released they will talk about more tweaks but since there isn’t one for ios 8.x there are not a ton of new tweaks to talk about.

      • Agreed. The jailbreak community is in hibernation right now. It’ll probably wake up if and when we have a jailbreak for iOS 8…

      • Austin Steffen

        Right but a lot or us including me stayed on 7.1 jailbreak and this place always highlighted a new tweak every day regardless of how pointless the tweak may have been. For instance DathUI just popped up in my changes on cydia and I’m interested to see how it works. Jeff would always be doing demonstrations the day of new tweaks’ releases or sometimes long before they were even released.

  • DOOManiac

    FYI FireCore is a company, not just one person.

  • Modest

    Wait so I had the app since version 1 (I think). I had the pro upgrade with version 2. Now I try to press the restore purchase in the version 3, it doesn’t let me restore.

    So, it’s not free upgrade is it?

    • Same here. I tap “Restore” and the screen shakes and nothing happens…

      • parabel

        +1, had Infuse for a while now and with Pro features enabled on version 2. I’m not exactly sure right now if it took away some Pro features, or if they generally made all previous Pro features free and only some of the new ones are now Pro or whatever. But I also have the “Upgrade to Infuse Pro” where it previously said that I had Pro, and when I try to restore it just shakes and nothing happens as well. Not even a chance to enter a different account email address!
        I’m gonna wait and see if anything changes before I pay another 3$, especially since I’m not even sure which features I would gain.. 😀
        Anyway, all my videos still play, so I’m not missing any features really. Still confused though. (But love Infuse nonetheless!)

  • andyr354

    Keeps giving me an error when I try to upgrade. “Cannot connect to app store”

  • Martin 

    I really miss the VLC…
    There is this Dragon app but it’s not useable because of the ads

  • Does the streaming work the same way Plex implements it? If not, I’ll be sticking with Plex.

    • The streaming works using DLNA, UPNP, or a network share…

  • Rupinder S

    Just a heads up, it took away my pro upgrade. I will have to pay $3 again to do so. iTunes says I don’t have a previous one for some reason.

    • rymdng

      Im pissed about this news. Does anyone know if they took away anything for existing pro users and forcing us to pay up another $3 to get them back?

  • rymdng

    so I paid $6.99 a few days ago to what is now essentially free and now now need to pay $3 more to get the new features. wtf!!!

  • Saul

    What are you guys talking about? I bought this app a few days ago because I was looking for the best media player with samba support and I was kind of pissed that it had no DTS support and yet a free app called VidOn Player plays all my MKV Files without problems except for the ones with Dolby Digital 5.1
    Then I discovered 3.0 came out and that it supports DTS and DTS-HD, I uninstalled the app. Went to the App Store and I clicked on the cloud and it got me version 2. Then I went back to the App Store and clicked upgrade and it got me version 3 and mine says Pro and no where in the app does it say restore purchases or to upgrade to Pro.
    I did get a free upgrade from 2 Pro to 3.0 Pro. I don’t get why some of you say it’s asking you to pay for version 3.0 again.