Infuse media player gains supercharged subtitles, 10-bit video playback & more

aTV Flash Black developer FireCore recently pushed a new version of Infuse, implementing vastly improved subtitle support, gorgeous 10-bit video playback and a host of other improvements.

Infuse 5.4 for iOS and tvOS, a free download for existing users, recently celebrated its fourth anniversary. Since making its App Store debut back in 2013 [review], this versatile media-player app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV has been gaining new features on a regular basis.

10-bit video playback

10-bit videos now look great thanks to some slick new hardware decoding options available in Infuse 5.4. Not only does hardware-assisted decoding on newer iOS devices provide great playback performance, it unlocks hours of extra battery life as well.

Hardware-assisted decoding of the Hi10P video format (H264-encoded 10-bit video) requires Apple's A9 chip or later, meaning this feature is supported on iPhone 6s or later models, all iPad Pro models and the new 2017 iPad model.

Supercharged subtitles

Subtitles have been “entirely revamped” in Infuse 5.4.

The new subtitle rendering engine includes support for subtitles on 3D videos (SBS and TAB), plus subtitle position (AN) tags. The app now accepts many more subtitle formats, including .TXT files (MicroDVD, MPL2, SRT and TMP). As a bonus, the update introduces new options for adjusting text color to your liking and fancy styling and animation effects.

Infuse now uses the secure HTTPS protocol to download subtitles from OpenSubtitles, increasing your privacy. Lastly, Traditional Chinese is now supported for metadata and artwork.

Infuse availability

For a complete list of what's new in Infuse 5.4, visit the official Infuse website.

Infuse 5.4 for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is a free download from App Store.

Advanced features are available without limitations as a $6.49 per year Pro subscription via the In-App Purchase mechanism. A free one-month trial of Infuse Pro is available within the app.

Alternatively, buy Infuse for iOS and tvOS outright for $12.99.

Infuse 5.3 brings optimized playback performance, parental controls, Blu-ray disk images & more

Infuse by aTV Flash Black developer FireCore is a versatile, very powerful media player that lets you watch non-iOS optimized media file types without the need for manual transcoding or a helper app to do the heavy lifting via your computer. The app was updated on App Store to version 5.3.

Infuse 5.3 for iOS and tvOS comes with a completely overhauled high-performance playback core that's now now faster and better than ever before.

Other new features are available in Infuse 5.3 as well.

The app now accepts your Blu-ray disc images and folders and lets you restrict access to videos and settings with built-in parental controls. The release also packs support for ISO 9960 (Joliet) disc images, country-specific age ratings for movies and much more.

Infuse updated with support for DVD videos, NFS streaming, Library and folder search & more

The versatile media player Infuse by aTV Flash Black developer Firecore was updated this week with several new features and enhancements, including the ability to play DVD videos saved as VIDEO_TS, .dvdmedia or ISO/IMG archives.

Other new features in Infuse 5.2 for iOS and tvOS include Library and folder search, the ability to stream media from NFS-formatted network shares, sort your media by release date and more.

Infuse 5 gains collections, 3D Touch actions, video deinterlacing, searching on Apple TV & more

Infuse 5 for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV [review] launched in the App Store a month ago with features like iCloud settings sync, Up Next, streaming from cloud-storage services, Split View and Picture in Picture multitasking support on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and other compatible iPad models and much more.

aTV Flash Black developer Firecore, the brains behind this versatile media player app, has now released 5.1 update for Infuse with support for a new Collections feature, search and video deinterlacing on Apple TV, 3D Touch shortcuts on iOS Home screen and more.

Infuse 5 is out: Up Next, Split View, PiP, iCloud sync, cloud streaming & more

aTV Flash Black developer Firecore today released Infuse 5, a major new version of his versatile media player for the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It's the single biggest Infuse update Firecore ever released and they've been working on it for the better part of the year.

Infuse 5 packs in a bunch of goodies, including iCloud sync, a new “Up Next” discovery list for the Apple TV, Split View and Picture in Picture support on compatible iPads, cloud streaming and much more.

Infuse 4.2 adds Library view on tvOS, trakt ratings sync, Spotlight search on iOS and more

The versatile Infuse media player for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV by aTV Flash Black developer FireCore today got bumped to version 4.2, bringing dozens of new features, enhancements and refinements to both the iOS and tvOS edition of the software.

Infuse 4.2 now surfaces your content in Spotlight search, lets you sync ratings for rate content on and has new Continuous Playback options.

On the fourth-generation Apple TV, Infuse gained a new Library mode and Smart Filters, an artwork picker for your Favorites and lots of other improvements. Plus, audiophiles will be pleased to learn that Infuse for Apple TV is now capable of reproducing 7.1 content.

Infuse 4.1 brings dark mode from iOS version to Apple TV, 24-bit HD audio, watched icons & more

Infuse, arguably the most versatile media player app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV by aTV Flash Black developer FireCore, has just unloaded a ton of goodies in its most recent update on the iOS and tvOS App Stores.

Available now, Infuse 4.1 brings an optional dark mode from the iOS edition of the app to its Apple TV counterpart, and it's a beauty! Next, you can finally delete videos from remote SMB and FTP/SFTP shares.

iOS users, I'm sure, will appreciate Infuse's background metadata fetching for Favorites whenever they open the app. And my favorite: Infuse now finally renders DIVX files without any hiccup.

FireCore confirms Infuse media player hitting new Apple TV ‘very soon’

Well regarded jailbreak developer FireCore today put an end to speculation, confirming that its speedy, powerful and versatile media player for iOS devices, Infuse, will be coming to the 4th generation Apple TV.

“We're now starting to see a beautiful bright light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is coming into form as Infuse 4 for Apple TV,” reads the post. Infuse 4 for Apple TV will be a free update for all current Infuse Pro users.

FireCore releases Seas0npass 0.9.7 to jailbreak the latest Apple TV 2 firmware

If you have an Apple TV 2 running the latest firmware—iOS 7.1.2—then you'll be happy to hear that you can now jailbreak using FireCore's well-regarded Seas0npass tool. Unfortunately this jailbreak is of the tethered variety, but outside of the initial hassle, that doesn't matter much for something like a set top box that's almost always powered on.

FireCore quietly released a beta update to Seas0npass, which comes in at version 0.9.7. This update works with OS X El Capitan and Apple TV 2 firmware 6.2.1 (iOS 7.1.2).

FireCore adds YouTube functionality back to the Apple TV 2 with new version of aTVFlash (black)

By this point, you may have forgotten about your Apple TV 2, but the folks over at FireCore sure haven't. Today, they released a new version of the popular aTV Flash (black) tool for jailbroken Apple TV 2s.

aTV Flash black is a tool with a suite of features that can transform and supercharge your Apple TV 2. It's basically a way to add a ton of new functionality to Apple's long-neglected little streaming box.

We've covered aTV Flash (black) plenty of times in the past, and it continues to be one of the reasons for owning (and holding on to) an Apple TV 2. This latest update to aTV Flash (black) brings the version number up to 2.6, and adds YouTube functionality back into the mix.