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Why type when you can swipe, indeed. I know that swiping instead of tapping is merely a fun feature and not necessarily a productive way to type. Nevertheless, I love to swipe. The iPhone has this extraordinary touch screen device that uses amazing gesture-based technology. Why not use it to its full potential?

Swype uses gesture-based actions to the fullest. You can tell that this company has been around for a while. The dev team has perfected the swipe-to-type technology.

At first glance, the Sywpe keyboard pretty much just looks like Apple’s. It has a typical QWERTY layout with Chiclet-style keys and three predictive typing options at the top of the screen. If you don’t change the theme, you almost wouldn’t even notice the difference.

What makes this keyboard stand out is the amazingly smooth swiping function for typing words. Touch your finger on the first letter and swipe to the next letter until you’ve spelled a word. The movement is fluid and the keyboard correctly registers words with near perfection.

Swype Keyboard 2

If you spell a word that is not part of the Swype vernacular, you will be asked if you would like to add it to your personal dictionary. Swype will store new words locally on your device so that the next time you type it, it will not automatically assume you’ve made a mistake and correct it.

One thing that stands out about this app is that it does not require you to give full access (unless you have Guided Access turned on). I have intentionally only reviewed keyboards from trusted companies with clearly outlined privacy policies, but I still feel a little weird giving full access. With Swype, I don’t even have to think about that. It is a non-issue.

You can switch to the numbers keypad or touch and hold any letter to bring up the corresponding number. For example, if QWERTY is in the same position as 123456 on the numbers keypad, touch and hold the Q to call up the number one. The only weird thing about that is that some keys are awkwardly matched up. For example, the letter M corresponds with the question mark. It seems like it would fit better with the period.

Swype Keyboard 1

Although relying heavily on gestures for input, the keyboard does not have any gesture controls. For example, you can’t swipe to the left to delete a word. I find this strange since the keyboard was designed for swiping.

On the iPhone, you have your choice of five different picturesque themes (the iPad only has light or dark). To access the settings, touch and hold the Swype icon until three options appear. You can change keyboards, switch to the number pad, or tap the settings icon to access the themes.

Probably the best feature of this app is the predictive typing combined with auto-correct. Considering how clumsy I am at swipe typing, you’d think I’d be mashing gibberish all over the page. However, the app correctly guessed my words and corrected my mistake nearly perfectly every time.

Because you can swipe or tap to type, this keyboard is both fun and useful for productivity. Plus, the swiping technology is so good that I could see myself becoming a pro.

Swype Keyboard is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99. I highly recommend buying it in the App Store today.

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  • ishatmypants

    I hate how everyone key is attached TouchPal is where it’s at right now

    • What do you mean by “everyone key is attached”?

      • Danuel Carr

        I think he means that every letter doesn’t have it’s own individual button like the stock keyboard.

      • ishatmypants

        Yea stupid keyboard messing me up lol not used to it yet I meant “every key is attached”

  • Danuel Carr

    None of these swiping keyboards even comes close to hipjot in terms of design, function, or customization. Just waiting for the dev to make it iOS8 friendly.

    • Jonathan

      He says he’s around 40% done. 😀

  • Diego Milano

    Personally, from the keyboards available in the AppStore, the ones I liked the most are Fleksy and -although I’m not familiar with swiping to type- this one.
    Although I had issues with Fleksy on my iPad as I couldn’t really get it to connect to download additional language packages.

  • ThoseCurves

    I can’t believe my eyes. Lory finally did a review on Swype.. ok time to read the article now…

  • Gil Roman

    Does that bug still exist when you are texting and the screen does not scroll all the way to the bottom?

    • Luke Mulholland


    • Manuel Molina

      It’s an iOS 8 bug, not the keyboards. iOS 8.01 was to fix these issues, but 8.02 has to fix 8.01 as well as we read.

  • IG: RuskingGonzalez

    may this keyboard has emoji ? i’m looking for a keyboard who has it.

    • Annie Leonhardt

      Yes it does. Just make sure you have the Emoji keyboard enabled along with the custom keyboard… All of them have it (last time I check)

      and Swiftkey have it for sure… I used them both yesterday.

  • zeekfizz

    My complaint is the placement of the numbers and globe key are opposite the default keyboard. Constantly hitting the globe when I want the numbers keyboard.

  • zeekfizz

    Also anyone know if keyboard shortcuts are coking to third party keyboards. I use hundreds of them. Otherwise I like Swyoe better than Swiftkey. Just seems to get more weird words correct.

  • James Gunaca

    I’ve been typing on an iPhone for 7+ years now and am pretty fast. Is it really worth getting in the habit of using a swipe method instead? I’ve been using SwiftKey, heard people rave about Swype…but I’m looking more for productivity than “cool I can swipe the letters!”.

    Any one care to comment?

    • paynis

      I know how you feel, BUT one handed typing is so difficult for me. i constantly miss letters and its pretty frustrating. if you’re typing with both hands, then regular typing is a lot faster (which can be done with the swype keyboard) but when typing with one hand, swyping is super fast. It doesn’t take a lot to get used to. it already feels pretty fluid and its very accurate 🙂

    • @sexyhamthing

      When i finally ascended to camp android, CM11 gapps came loaded with a google-keyboard esque swipe deal, its excellent, everything else is cumbersome…
      Moral of the story? Android does it first… 60fps UX in ios 9? Im calling out a smart dialer thingie, like from kitkat… itll come next time.

    • Annie Leonhardt

      As an Android user over the past two years using the legendary Google Keyboard… Swype is much more efficient and faster when you get the hang of it.

  • Victor

    Downloaded it earlier today and it looks and works pretty good. They just need to update it ASAP with support for more languages, there are only 5 right now.

  • Frizzle

    I love swype and the option to not allow access but does it do anything to the keyboard? Seems like it still function as it should.

  • koenigflo

    Does this keyboard – or any other third party keyboard – allow direct access to the dictation / SIRI function? I find this incredibly useful when using the default keyboard….

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      nope. only stock keyboard allows this.

      • koenigflo

        Is this a design flaw by Apple (meaning, it’s impossible to implement this) or did the keyboard programmer just not implement it yet?

      • dahweed

        It’s a design…choice…by Apple.

  • Doesn’t work on lock screen quick reply.

  • Starman_Andromeda

    Would you please explain more about “full access” and your concerns? To the initiated, it sounds as if somehow the keyboard app can track you or fetch info from your I-device.

    Also, has Apple fixed its auto-correct in iOS 8? The worst part is it’s handling of contractions– putting the apostrophes in when you don’t want them (e.g., it just changed the correct its to it’s), and leaving them hanging when you want them and creating odd words in their place. Just try typing “that’s not” and you get “that’ snot”! Wonderful, Apple! Middle school kids love that! There are plenty of other examples!

    You also cannot turn off the contraction substitution in iOS 7; can you in iOS 8?

  • Banapapaya

    here are some comparison between swype and swiftkey (if you are like me wondering which one is better, read on…)

    swype and swiftkey are both really good in terms of autocorrecting and efficiency. Down side for swiftkey, first of all, you have to allow full access so it can update your typing habits to the cloud, which comes to the second down side, it eats your battery (I believe more than swype, you can see how much it’s using by checking the battery usage). Third, and the most annoying thing, (at least for me) is that it automatically adds a space after every word you type (swype would hold that space until you type another word, which is much more preferred).
    OTOH, things I don’t like in swype is that I have to manually add every new word for it (which swiftkey does a really good job by learning it automatically-even emails, plus most of the time you don’t even have to worry about it cause swiftkey probably already knew it by gaining access to your contacts, emails, tweets, and facebook posts..creepy) Oh and plus, the awkward layout of the special keys.

    Over all, the support of the 3rd party KB has been really poor from apple so far, even in ios 8.0.2, I’m still having bugs such as you can’t change keyboards by sliding up from the globe (which I do a lot), and still can’t type anything after returning from lock screen, and the message still won’t slide up(!!)
    good thing is that it switches to normal KB if it knows you are typing passwords (plus 1 for apple)

    Bottom line is that if you have concern about your privacy (creeps in swiftkey can read everything you typed plus all your emails, tweets and facebook posts if they want to), then go for swype, otherwise, swiftkey is really the best for free