With new phone upgrades and additional screen sizes comes the struggle to find newly created wallpapers to grace our screens. While the iPhone 6 Plus is 1080 x 1920, standard HD resolution, the parallax effect will add additional pixels to any true iPhone 6/Plus wallpaper image.

My goal with the Wallpapers of the Week section is to bring iOS wallpapers to you on a weekly basis. More importantly, when new devices are launched, we try to have wallpapers at-the-ready. This week is our first posting since the iPhone 6 launched on Friday. With this post, you will find parallax-ready images for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and we still included the iPhone 5s.


On a roll, Jason Zigrino has managed to get himself featured a number of times on our wallpaper section. Over the weekend he was able to determine a parallax size for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. For those who will also be making device-specific wallpapers, here are the sizes of today’s images:

iPhone 6 resolution: 750 x 1334

iPhone 6 parallax resolution: 872 x 1635

iPhone 6 Plus resolution: 1080 x 1920

iPhone 6 Plus parallax resolution: 1256 x 2353

There is always a little bit of back-and-forth over the approved parallax wallpaper size. @JasonZigrino determined the sizes by applying the same resolution ratio as the 5s parallax images.

With Apple logo

Space Gray: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Silver: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Gold: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Without Apple logo

Space Gray: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Silver: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Gold: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Before we receive a bunch of comments below about there not being iPad or iPhone 4 versions, let me make a clarification. First, larger wallpaper sizes are always backwards compatible to a smaller screen. Yes, I understand that means the wallpaper does not fit perfectly for 640 x 960 screen, but we have to move on. Simply resize the image on your smaller screen when applying the image as wallpaper.

When it comes to iPad sizes, this post isn’t for iPads. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were just released, consequently, we are featuring images specifically for those devices. As a whole, the Wallpapers of the Week section focuses primarily on iPhone wallpapers anyway. When we are able to secure high quality iPad images, we do post those as well. It just happens, we post iPad images much less frequently.


Of course, you are personally invited to share images with me @jim_gresham or via email jim@idownloadblog.com. If you have some great wallpapers, please send them my way. However, please submit images that are accurately sized for iPhones or iPads. Simply sending over pictures you took on vacation is not suitable unless properly cropped and sized.


If you are currently jailbroken and have not upgraded to iOS 8, but are in love with the new included wallpapers, we have a list of the new images. Download them now to make your iOS 7 jailbroken device look fresh with the upgraded Apple stock images. Also, last week we featured iPhone 6 ready images, but they were not suited for parallax. They are still worth giving them a look over.

  • Fanboy 

    iPhone 6 space gray is incorrect. Shows a gold wallpaper!

    • JimGresham

      Thanks! It has been fixed.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    That feeling when you cant download wallpapers on your iPhone coz iOS 8.0 f****d up your wifi on iPhone! Screw you , Apple! Seriously!!

    • You mad bro? Can’t you just reset your network connections?

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Did it twice bro..
        I’m not that stupid you think 😀
        No luck till now! :/

      • Not calling you stupid but a lot of people don’t know to reset it first. Whats wrong exactly?

      • Ali

        Tried restoring again?

      • Restoring probably won’t make a difference I too am experiencing the issues he’s describing. My iPad 3 intermittently disconnects from my wifi network and virtual private networks also disconnect for no good reason after a length of time (not good for a tool designed to protect your privacy).

      • andy

        Restoring can actually make a difference.

      • It can but unlikely in this case unless you’re restoring to iOS 7 where these issues aren’t present. Restoring will only fix problems with a dodgy install of iOS when really the chances of this happening in the first place are minuscule. I even experienced wifi issues on the betas so I’m guessing it’s something that’ll be fixed in an 8.0.1 update or an 8.1 update…

      • andy

        Yeah true mate 🙂
        IOS 7.1.2 is still shitty for me on my ipod touch.

      • andy

        So i would restore once every week, i say on the weekends saturday/sunday every week :

    • Willian Viana

      WTF is wrong with apple?

    • TechLove

      Hey anmol, i guess you have a 4s.
      Will you please tell me your experience of iOS8? I am corrently rocking an iPad mini 1st gen, so both have almost same specs. But i am fearing that my iPad would become like iPhone 4 on iOS 7!

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Yeah! I’m on 4s..
        For me ios 8 is like iOS 7 only..
        iPhone 4 is single core that’s y it couldn’t handle the load which ios 7 gave..
        It’s usable & it will become perfect when ios 8.1 is released.. 🙂
        I think I can stick with my 4s for next 2-3 years or so.. Lol!

      • DevXav

        If you can keep it in iOS 7.1.2 you can enjoy iPhone 4S for the next 2-3 years for sure, and that’s exactly what I would do.

        As I own an iPhone 5S, I will upgrade it until the last version of iOS 8 (probably 8.1?), then when iOS 9 is released I won’t upgrade it anymore and that’s it.

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Nope. I will keep it with iOS 8 for next 2-3 years 🙂
        I’m sure about that.. I know the only thing i will have to get replace is iPhone Battery.. Now it says capacity of 1219mAH.. Will replace it once it goes below 1100..
        Rest everything is rocking 😀 🙂
        I think you should atleast update your 5s to 9 .. Your 5s will become slow with iOS 10 or X …

      • DevXav

        Hmmmm no I won’t. Neither my 4S nor my 5S.

        I had an iPhone 4 with iOS 4 in the past, and I saw it getting amazingly fast with iOS 5.1.1 and then extremely slow after iOS 6..
        I also owned an iPhone 5 on iOS 6 and had it upgraded to iOS 7..

        iPhone 4 should die in iOS 5.1.1 and thats it.
        iPhone 3GS would be the only exception, being “capable” of 5.1.1 as well.

        As of now, my experience with iPhones and iOS tells me: get an S model and only upgrade iOS ONCE (if possible of course).

        If you want to upgrade your 4S to iOS 8, go ahead..

        My only iOS 9 or X device will be iPhone 6S (or whatever it will be named when launched).

      • Anmol Malhotra

        I think you should wait till 8.0.1 or next update.. I’ve read on macrumors forums that iPad ver is not quiete stable compared to iPhones..
        Many iPad users are reporting blue screen of death which happened on iOS 7 with iPhone 5s.
        You should wait for 8.0.1 atleast.

      • TechLove

        You’ll use a 4s for next 2-3 years!

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Hahahaha xD you’re funny 😀
        Yep I’m going to use it for next 2-3 years! 😀

      • TechLove

        Btw, thanks for ya suggestion brother! 😉

    • Franklin Richards

      Did you update it via ATO? If so try a clean install using iTunes.

    • CS

      Same thing happened to me on my 6+. I did I soft reset while in airplane mode and wifi started working again

      • Anmol Malhotra

        How to perform a soft reset?

    • ARX8

      Do you have an iPhone 4S?

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Yeah bro.. You too?

    • ARX8

      If you have an iPhone 4S and the wifi section is disabled, it’s a common issue. I had it on my 4S. People on the internet said it’s a software bug and heating or cooling the phone much will temporarily fix it. I tried it for myself and it worked.
      To make sure it’s a software bug, I restored the firmware multiple times. Sometimes wifi got disabled after a few hours of usage and sometimes it lasted as long as a month without the bug, until I loaded iOS8 beta. The bug exists in iOS8 too. I can confirm it

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Thanks for confirming 🙂
        I really wish they push out an update soon.. Do you know the workaround? Like you said there’s a temporarily fix?

      • ARX8

        Put it in freezer for 20 minutes or so. It worked for me

  • I just checked these new iPhones out at the Apple store, Its pretty amazing how much they pay attention to the smallest details. Even down to the Apple logo on back of each device, it corresponds to the phones color.. which I’m assuming inspired these wallpapaers.

    • J. Rockwell

      The build quality is pretty amazing huh? When I saw the renderings I thought it was a bit ugly with those antenna lines, but when you hold it in your hand all you can really think is…wow

      • Still think the iPhone 5s is a more beautifully looking device. The iPhone 6 isn’t ugly though…

  • Paul Rhodes

    As an iPhone owner from the start I just returned my iphone 6 – Do not like the larger screen size and not being able to easily use one hand. Gutted! Praying for an iPhone 6s mini.

    • TechLove

      Hey! Just try that reachability feature! Its really intuitive! Tried it on my friend’s 6.

      • Paul Rhodes

        Yer I tried that too. Just find that even more frustrating lol. Having to press 3 times just to go back a page. Grrr. Don’t get me wrong I hate samsung but at least the back button is at the bottom of the phone in a reachable place.

      • TechLove

        Hehe, thats true, lol! XD

      • mynamesuxlol

        Slide from the left of the screen?

      • Paul Rhodes

        This is a good point but it’s more than just the back button – e.g reaching apps at the top of screen, pulling down notification centre etc etc.

    • J. Rockwell

      The 4.7″ was too big for you? Damn that really blows, sorry to hear that. I have heard this complaint a couple times now.

      • Paul Rhodes

        Yer. I’m actually gutted – been waiting so long for the i6 too! Guess I’ll stick with my i5 🙁

    • Franklin Richards

      I agree. But the likelyhood them making a smaller iPhone now is slim. Unless they replace the iPhone 5c with a iPhone 6m

    • GuyWithTheThings

      I can easily use one hand…

  • Rares

    I am going on the hipster side.

    • TechLove

      That wallpaper is deep. Too DEEP.

    • Jonathan

      Your carrier is the new wallpaper.
      Figure that out.
      (hint, TV episode)

      • TechLove

        Orange is the new black ^_^ <3

  • Andrew Roth

    Why is it that in the preview image Space Gray and Silver are both iPhone 6’s, but the gold one is a 5s?

  • Andrew Roth

    I’m currently working on a huge set that will have walls for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPads, AND Desktops. Stay tuned. (It’s taking me forever with homework and stuff.)

  • Andrew Roth

    What size are the stock wallpapers? That’s all that matters to me. 🙂

  • DtownBlogger

    Hmmm. Not really feelin this weeks offerings! (And NO I’m not hating on iphone 6) it’s just that these wallpapers are a bit dull!

    • Asis

      Mind sharing that wallpaper?

      • Brian Brown

        right? lol

      • DtownBlogger

        Here Ya Go!

  • Bugs Bunnay

    relatively unrelated: I was in some apps and did the reachability command and saw an ugly dark background. it is then that I realized I need a dev to make a custom reachability background when cydia hits the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

    that way when I bust out my reachability in front of others they will say “whoa how come my reachability background is so plain and dull and yours have a unicorn with a rainbow in the background and raining candy!?!”

  • n0ahcruz3

    Damn it. My i6 didnt arrive on the 19th. I will never pre-order an iphone at t-mobile or any carrier again.

  • Shingo

    no size for ipad4?

    • When it comes to iPad sizes, this post isn’t for iPads.

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    in case anyone wants to know, they are still signing 7.1.2. go downgrade quick

  • Fakir Smith

    An apple logo on a silver background? If you like it God bless, I am still looking!

  • Ian Dean

    Surly the iPhone 6 plus resolution should be square like the iPad due to the fact the home screen can be used side ways: So shouldn’t it be 2353 x 2353?

  • hahahahahahah hi hi hi hi