Apple logo wallpapers for iPhone 6


With new phone upgrades and additional screen sizes comes the struggle to find newly created wallpapers to grace our screens. While the iPhone 6 Plus is 1080 x 1920, standard HD resolution, the parallax effect will add additional pixels to any true iPhone 6/Plus wallpaper image.

My goal with the Wallpapers of the Week section is to bring iOS wallpapers to you on a weekly basis. More importantly, when new devices are launched, we try to have wallpapers at-the-ready. This week is our first posting since the iPhone 6 launched on Friday. With this post, you will find parallax-ready images for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and we still included the iPhone 5s.


On a roll, Jason Zigrino has managed to get himself featured a number of times on our wallpaper section. Over the weekend he was able to determine a parallax size for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. For those who will also be making device-specific wallpapers, here are the sizes of today’s images:

iPhone 6 resolution: 750 x 1334

iPhone 6 parallax resolution: 872 x 1635

iPhone 6 Plus resolution: 1080 x 1920

iPhone 6 Plus parallax resolution: 1256 x 2353

There is always a little bit of back-and-forth over the approved parallax wallpaper size. @JasonZigrino determined the sizes by applying the same resolution ratio as the 5s parallax images.

With Apple logo

Space Gray: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Silver: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Gold: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Without Apple logo

Space Gray: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Silver: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Gold: iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5s

Before we receive a bunch of comments below about there not being iPad or iPhone 4 versions, let me make a clarification. First, larger wallpaper sizes are always backwards compatible to a smaller screen. Yes, I understand that means the wallpaper does not fit perfectly for 640 x 960 screen, but we have to move on. Simply resize the image on your smaller screen when applying the image as wallpaper.

When it comes to iPad sizes, this post isn’t for iPads. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were just released, consequently, we are featuring images specifically for those devices. As a whole, the Wallpapers of the Week section focuses primarily on iPhone wallpapers anyway. When we are able to secure high quality iPad images, we do post those as well. It just happens, we post iPad images much less frequently.


Of course, you are personally invited to share images with me @jim_gresham or via email If you have some great wallpapers, please send them my way. However, please submit images that are accurately sized for iPhones or iPads. Simply sending over pictures you took on vacation is not suitable unless properly cropped and sized.


If you are currently jailbroken and have not upgraded to iOS 8, but are in love with the new included wallpapers, we have a list of the new images. Download them now to make your iOS 7 jailbroken device look fresh with the upgraded Apple stock images. Also, last week we featured iPhone 6 ready images, but they were not suited for parallax. They are still worth giving them a look over.