iPhone 6 wallpaper packs

iPhone 6 inside view retina hd display

With the excitement of a new iPhone, comes the need for individuals to customize their newest devices. Late last week, we were able to get our hands on the official iOS 8 wallpapers thanks to a few tricks from dedicated iDB readers. The official wallpaper images quickly became one of the most visited wallpaper post in site history. If you missed them, jump over to the download gallery and pick them up for iPhone or iPad, even before iOS 8 launches on September 17.

The Wallpapers of the Week section is dedicated to bringing stellar images to you on a weekly basis. Every Sunday, we release a new set of wallpapers, primarily for iPhone, but also for iPad and desktop. When new iPhones launch, there is always a scramble to find quality images to make a single iPhone stand out amongst the crowd of others. Step inside for your newest downloads.

Wallpaper knowledge

With the advent of Apple’s newest flagship device, wallpapers will be difficult to find for the exact screen dimensions, not to mention the parallax measurement has yet to be discovered. We know the iPhone 6 screen is 750 x 1334 and the iPhone 6 Plus screen is 1080 x 1920. The parallax dimensions are currently unknown. After iOS 7 introduced parallax it took a while for everyone to determine the exact parallax size and I assume there will be differences in the 6 and Plus.

Until an exact dimension is known, using wallpapers slightly larger than the given screen size should help a little, but is not an exact science. Because of this conundrum, the included images for iPhone 6 are actually a little larger than 750 x 1334, hopefully playing nicely with parallax. However, it is a struggle to find images just slightly larger than 1080 x 1920. Below are guesses for iPhone 6 parallax and standard 1080 x 1920 images for Plus. Both sets of wallpapers should show no distortion on either device, but the parallax effect may not be exactly perfect.

As we progress over the next few weeks, expect the general populous to determine the parallax effect and start producing wallpaper images of exact measurement. Once we have access to those images, we will make sure to post them! To help the cause, any information you may have about iPhone 6/Plus wallpapers or the updated parallax effect, please reach out to me on Twitter @jim_gresham. After all, I have always said the wallpaper section is a community effort!

iPhone 6

Blue Gradient Wallpaper iPhone 6 preview Blue Lotues iOS 8 Wallpaper Variant iPhone 6 preview Fireworks Wallpaper iPhone 6 preview Flowing River Wallpaper iPhone 6 preview Moon Orbit Wallpaper iPhone 6 preview Ocean Sunset Wallpaper iPhone 6 preview Red Galaxy Wallpaper iPhone 6 preview Red Mountains Wallpaper iPhone 6 preview

Bulk iPhone 6 download: ZIP File

iPhone 6 Plus

Bokeh Water Drop Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus preview Geometric Shape Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus preview Gradient Geometry Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus preview Ocean Rocks Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus preview Pink Daisy Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus preview Snow Mountain Stars Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus preview Sunset Water Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus preview Water Drop Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus preview

Bulk iPhone 6 Plus download: ZIP File


To download the walls above, click the corresponding thumbnail image. Once the full resolution image loads, tap hold, then save to Camera Roll. Assuming you want to save these for your iPhone 6, download them to your desktop. Right click and save the full resolution file into a folder. In iTunes, designate that folder as a sync folder for your new iPhone 6. Of course, you will have to wait until you have the 6 to actually designate the folder in iTunes. Alternatively, you can download all of the images at once by selecting the ZIP file link below the corresponding thumbnails.

Don’t forget to help contribute! This section will be much more successful for the new devices if you help out. Make sure to send tips my way @jim_gresham, whether you send an image or details about parallax.

Finally, these images will still work on iPhone 5/s/c and iPhone 4. We often have complaints about older devices not being compatible. Any larger image is always backwards compatible with a smaller screen, but you may have to adjust the image slightly when setting as wallpaper in Settings.app or Photos.app.