tim cook on stage

Folks who missed Apple’s keynote this morning, or would just like to watch it in its entirety, will be happy to hear that Apple has just posted the full video online for your streaming pleasure. Obviously, you can read everything you need to know about today’s event right here on iDB. But if you have the time, the video is definitely worth watching.

The event doesn’t appear to be available on YouTube yet, so we can’t embed it here, but we will be sure to do so once it gets posted. For those who would like to watch the clip now, however, you can find it on Apple’s website. Just make sure you have QuickTime installed, or a similar media player that supports QT files.

  • JayDee917

    I really wish this watch had the chamfered edges around the face the iPhone 5 introduced. Those edges made the iPhone almost feel like fine jewelry, it would have been beautiful here. I’m not a huge fan of design overall, but it’s far from ugly. IMO, the shape would have been better if it wasn’t so bulgy and rounded, it kind of reminds me of the original iPhone. A nice, sleek, flat design would have fit this watch better. Also, not sure how comfortable it will be since there is a slight bulge from under the face.
    I’m glad they allowed exchangeable bands, and come in different finishes, but I wish there was a way to change finishes without having to buy a whole other watch.
    Anyone know if they will allow 3rd party watch faces? Or 3rd party bands?

    • jack

      Agree.. Chamfered edge was a huge loss

  • Marly Marl

    kmt. Not working in jamaica. Do i have to be on a Mac?

  • Paul Mason-Firth

    Not working in US either :/

  • MitchMan97

    So what was the mystery building for?

    • It was for the hands on experience for all of the new devices..