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Following today’s “historic” media event, Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with ABC News’ David Muir for an exclusive interview. The full interview will air on tonight’s episode of ‘World News Tonight,’ but ABC has just posted a teaser clip of the conversation.

In the clip, which we’ve posted below, Cook talks to Muir about the significance of this morning’s event. The keynote took place at the same venue where Steve Jobs unveiled the original Mac in 1984, Muir wanted to know if that was on Cook’s mind at all today.

Here’s the clip (sorry, it’s in Flash):

Again, the full interview will air this evening, and if we are able to, we will post it. It should be a good one, as today was a monstrous day for Tim Cook and company. Not only did they unveil a new product, but they had to do so for the first time without Jobs’ showmanship.

For more on what Apple unveiled today, click here.

[ABC News]

  • Troy

    so the new iphones wont have saphire glass?

    • eXoguti093

      Just a stronger glass apparently, we’ll have to wait for drop tests 🙂

      • Troy

        i was really looking forward to the sapphire glass I drop my phone alot

      • Martynet

        if you drop your phone a lot, you should get a case.

      • gary

        Or just not drop your phone a lot.

      • There was this sapphire screen drop test just a little while ago that showed that any screen will break easily if dropped. The real thing that protects it from that, apart from a case is the phone itself.
        This might be problematic though because of the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 and its screen.


    No sapphire iphone but a wall hugger apple watch lmao!!!!

  • R4

    Tim Cook totally had the hots for Steve Jobs lol

  • Tommy Gumbs

    What do you mean, “if we are able to” Cody? You guys post every B.S rumor but your not sure if you can posting something factual from the CEO of Apple?

    • Hahaha

    • Jason Jones

      I think he means if ABC will grant permission to post their interview.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        He posted the ad/clip to the interview when posting. LOL I think you are wrong…..but just a little 🙂

      • Jason Jones

        The way I read it was they will post the full interview if they’re able to. What was posted is just the teaser clip promo.
        Promos are just that, promotional, so they’re generally free to be used. The actual interview itself is considered a feature and most likely requires permission.
        Maybe I’m wrong.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        That could be correct. I still dont know what they couldn’t summarize, and then cite the source, which generally makes it ok.

    • archer14

      Chill out Bro, he doesn’t owe you jack. Don’t get personal on a blog. You aren’t his family.

  • Skip

    Sapphire Glass is not that great. After seeing a video. Is rather have Gorilla Glass than Sapphire Glass. Sapphire glass is brittle. and will break easier. Never had a problem with scratches which is where it excels but the tradeoff isn’t worth it

  • Andrew Roth

    Why is it blogs like this talk about the mysteries but never the answers.

    “What is the black banner at WWDC?”
    “Why is there a car in Moscone Center?”
    “What’s in the white building Apple built?”

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Wtf. They have posted somewhere that the white building was for hands-on

      • Andrew Roth

        That was its rumored purpose but they never actually said what it turned out to be. Another example would be “What were the time lapse cameras there for? What happened that they were recording?”

  • Domodo

    I do not like the direction Apple is taking design wise. 🙁
    i am disappoint

    • I second that, Steve Jobs was a perfectionist everything had to be just right. If someone did something good, he would motivate them to make it better. They seem to not giving a shit about the consumers, I have a feeling they’re main fanbase is apple fanboys. I was so excited to see what they had to offer and I’ve never been so angry. There’s no fcking innovation. People saying “oh it’s the first year the iwatch going to be better next year.” NO! When 3GS came out it was a thing of beauty there weren’t any like it in the market. As time progressed it got better and stopped at 5s. iwatch it’s the first of it’s kind from apple, but it looks like a fitbit watch. While there’s a Moto 360 that’s already sold out.
      I had state it before 5s was the last phone I will ever purchased from them until they start bringing something to the table that other competition doesn’t have. People will say but look at the design it’s beautiful. I don’t care about the design that’s further down my list. I want stuff that would make not think of other phones from other companies.

  • Jailbrkr21

    The screen on the Apple Watch that Tim Cook is wearing never goes off. Battery life from 100% charge = 1 hour.

  • Ian Leon

    I can actually watch the video on my iPad

  • Danial

    apple really need another ceo
    doesn’t matter who just not this idiot

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Lol what is wrong with tim cook??!

  • Steve Jobs

    Thank you Tim. I’m proud of you folks at Apple!

  • mav3rick

    “You know, … thinking of him everyday…” You know,… really?! It looks more like getting more distanced from all of the great legacy innovations: just check the UI refinement on iOS 6 compared with blinding white screens, neon colors and cartoon icons on the latest iOS. And now protruded camera, plastic antenna bands and a general slimmed down iPad case for the latest iPhone? No more classy glass on metal body… The 5s was the last one to bear on some extent the genius of the iPhone creator.