Tim Cook speaks with ABC News about Apple Watch, Steve Jobs

tim cook abc

Following today’s “historic” media event, Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with ABC News’ David Muir for an exclusive interview. The full interview will air on tonight’s episode of ‘World News Tonight,’ but ABC has just posted a teaser clip of the conversation.

In the clip, which we’ve posted below, Cook talks to Muir about the significance of this morning’s event. The keynote took place at the same venue where Steve Jobs unveiled the original Mac in 1984, Muir wanted to know if that was on Cook’s mind at all today.

Here’s the clip (sorry, it’s in Flash):

Again, the full interview will air this evening, and if we are able to, we will post it. It should be a good one, as today was a monstrous day for Tim Cook and company. Not only did they unveil a new product, but they had to do so for the first time without Jobs’ showmanship.

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