Partially assembled iPhone 6 (Rozetked 001)

Yesterday evening, a new video surfaced on the web providing yet another glimpse at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, which will be officially announced at a media event next Tuesday.

The three and a half minute hands-on clip posted to the Russian YouTube channel Rozetked seemingly compares the current-generation four-inch iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6 assembled from leaked components.

Featuring some rather dramatic closeups, it gives a good look at a 4.7-inch edition of the iPhone 6 and its design aesthetics while depicting a Space Gray variant with both a black and white front plate.

Like the previous leaks, the footage shows off a few controversial design features of the handset, including a protruding camera lens on the back and the antenna breaks. Although I initially loathed it, I must admit the iPod touch-like design has grown on me.

Partially assembled iPhone 6 (Rozetked 003)

Here, have a look at it below.

I guess you could say I’m loving the new design direction of the iPhone 6, even if it’s reminiscent of the smooth look of some flagship Android handsets, especially the sleek phones from HTC.

It’s interesting that the video states that the embedded Apple logo on the back is made from Liquidmetal, which Apple previously used to create the SIM ejector tool for some iPhone 3G models.

Partially assembled iPhone 6 (Rozetked 002)

Last week, Russian modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk built an iPhone 6 from various leaked parts, creating a video which shows off the handset partially booting up to the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen.

If these leaks prove genuine, the iPhone 6 will have been the most leaked iPhone yet. So much about doubling-down on secrecy, Tim Cook!

[YouTube via MacRumors]

  • Rowan09

    I really like the darker iPhone models on the 6. I will definitively be getting the black or space gray model.

    • vifish

      I like it too, i can imagine this darker iphone with eclipse night mode tweak, it will look great!!

    • Jason Baroni

      I wonder if the antennas will be painted on that color. I would prefer it black, then. Anyway, still gorgeous.

  • Merman123

    In one week ….

  • I just want to sleep until the 9th.. and then sleep until I can go buy one…

    • Maxim∑

      I just want a surprise on the 9th…

    • Dan

      there’s more to life than iPhone

      • Which I why I said “want” to… I could have said I am going to sleep til then but I know there is more to life Dan.

  • Chang in Charge

    Can’t wait got me … watching videos in Russian! I think I’m going to leave work early next week Tuesday go home and watch the event!

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      Don’t leave work. Your boss won’t like it XD… JK..

      Here in india, when its morning in USA, it’s night here. So i can easily come back from work, hit the gym and comfortably catch the event.

      • Sohail Wahab

        Same here, in Kabul Afghanistan!

  • Husam Hamed

    I don’t hate this design at all.. I just hate the protruding lens and wish there were smaller bezels around the screen (especially the top and bottom).

    If it does have protruding lens, then I will have to put on a case to protect it, and so that it could lay flat on the table.

    • Gary LE

      Thats my thought too. But dont you thing apple should make a thicker battery so the 6 will be thicker flush it with camera

      • Husam Hamed

        Totally! I wouldn’t mind having the same thickness as the 5/5s with a better battery. Thinner doesn’t always mean better.

  • Shakur Ali

    R they go to Strem on Apple TV 2

    • Simon Moorhouse

      More than likely. Most major events / product launches over the past few years have been.

      • Shakur Ali

        Ok thank u

  • Templar

    One week to go!!

  • George

    it looks like a rip off of the htc one??

    • Hmm if only the HTC One didn’t look like a rip off iPhone…

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        It dint. Just the same material

      • Chamfered edges and external antenna breaks began on the iPhone.. not to mention the full metal housing.. The new M8 even has the dual LED as the 5S.. iPhone design cues are not only taken by Samsung…

      • Mike R

        Antenna Breaks, (The lines on back)
        Chamfered edges on the HTC

        All have been on the in the iPhone 4 and 5 waaaaay before the HTC One. So if Apple is copying HTC, that means they copied themselves cause HTC copied Apple in the first place.

      • George

        It doesn’t tho?

    • Bob

      Never say that again.

  • @dongiuj

    How many times did he call it “iPhone shit” in this video? Lol
    Ugh, that camera. Defo need a case.

  • Nex

    Does anyone know how the thinness compares to the iPod touch 5?

    • Alejandro Arredondo Castro

      Supposedly this iPhone is 7.1, iPod Touch is 6.1 mm thin.

      • Nex


  • A’s Network

    I honestly think that this looks better than other mockup prototypes. I still like the black one better 😉

  • yarraj

    bok gibi amk

  • yarraj

    tipini siktim teli fakirim ben amk

  • Edvard Rølvaag

    seems legit.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    Was I the only one screaming at my screen “TURN IT ON!!!!!!”

  • Ian Leon

    you know apple please… make the rest of the phone thicker so the camera doesnt stick out .. we dont really care that much about thinness anymore

    • archer14

      don’t confuse ‘we’ with you. YOU dont care, but I do, so eff off.

      • Ian Leon

        :'( ok

  • Dao Sasone

    If I only understood what he was saying

  • Sohail Wahab

    Wow! This product is beautiful outside, can’t wait to know about inside.

  • Bkr Colobane Tilene

    I like it his product is beautiful

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    Anyone else agree that the black model looks the best?

  • mwpitt52

    I think Apple is missing the boat on sizes. 4.7 is too small. 5.5 may be too big for some people. I think 5.0 is the sweet spot.