New video compares nearly-assembled 4.7″ iPhone 6 to iPhone 5s

Partially assembled iPhone 6 (Rozetked 001)

Yesterday evening, a new video surfaced on the web providing yet another glimpse at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, which will be officially announced at a media event next Tuesday.

The three and a half minute hands-on clip posted to the Russian YouTube channel Rozetked seemingly compares the current-generation four-inch iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6 assembled from leaked components.

Featuring some rather dramatic closeups, it gives a good look at a 4.7-inch edition of the iPhone 6 and its design aesthetics while depicting a Space Gray variant with both a black and white front plate.

Like the previous leaks, the footage shows off a few controversial design features of the handset, including a protruding camera lens on the back and the antenna breaks. Although I initially loathed it, I must admit the iPod touch-like design has grown on me.

Partially assembled iPhone 6 (Rozetked 003)

Here, have a look at it below.

I guess you could say I’m loving the new design direction of the iPhone 6, even if it’s reminiscent of the smooth look of some flagship Android handsets, especially the sleek phones from HTC.

It’s interesting that the video states that the embedded Apple logo on the back is made from Liquidmetal, which Apple previously used to create the SIM ejector tool for some iPhone 3G models.

Partially assembled iPhone 6 (Rozetked 002)

Last week, Russian modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk built an iPhone 6 from various leaked parts, creating a video which shows off the handset partially booting up to the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen.

If these leaks prove genuine, the iPhone 6 will have been the most leaked iPhone yet. So much about doubling-down on secrecy, Tim Cook!

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