Universe galaxy creation wallpapers for iPhone

By , Aug 31, 2014

Creation mod galaxy wallpaper splash

As the section is titled Wallpapers of the Week, it stands to reason we pick the best images we can find around the net on any given week. Today, there is a great selection of nebula and galaxy wallpapers, but I would not call them the most popular over the past seven days.

Going back a few days, Apple announced the September 9 event for iPhone, and possibly a wearable device. The event, which is always a hyped occurrence, is gaining more excitement by hosting media at the Flint Center and building a whole separate structure to house something. All of this to say, if you missed the Apple announcement wallpapers earlier this week, make sure to check out the handy work of some great iDB readers.

Alternatively, don’t miss the great colorful wallpapers in today’s post.


This week is another set of great wallpapers featured by @iDeviceGFX. The account has been featured on the wallpaper section before as a place to find curated images for wallpapers. Today’s selection should continue to impress. Anytime we have posted galaxy-style images, they have been a big hit on the site. Consequently, we offer the following images in the same category.

Creation Nebula galaxy wallpaper selection

Download: Left; Top; Bottom

Submissions and details

The wallpaper section is built on a weekly basis with images we find or stumble upon. However, the section also features the work of dedicated iDB readers, with a knack for graphic design. The Apple event wallpapers are a great example. If you have an eye for great wallpapers or have created some on your own, feel free to get in touch! You can find me most easily at @jim_gresham, or less often by jim@idownloadblog.com.

As a tip or reminder to others, do not simply submit pictures from your family vacation. Pictures are not wallpapers. Wallpapers are edited and formatted specifically for iOS devices. The resolution and image size must be specific to the devices, to be considered for a post. They do not have to be your own creation, but if you send someone else’s work, please give them credit.

[Images: placeit.net]

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  • DtownBlogger


    • Gabriel Anaya

      What theme is that

      • DtownBlogger

        Soft Remix!

      • DtownBlogger

        JellyLock7 & JellyLockClock7

    • Albert

      Theme name please?

      • DtownBlogger

        Soft Remix. Remove icon labels

      • Albert

        Is it Soft Remix with another theme? Because my Music & Reminders icons look different

      • DtownBlogger

        That’s because they’re not the stock apps. The reminder app is called GoodTask. The music app is called Ecoute.

      • Albert

        Thank you, kind sir!

  • Zeus

    One I made for my upcoming theme.

    • Gabriel Anaya

      What theme is that ?

      • DtownBlogger

        Soft Remix

  • Bjørn

    Meh, I was happy last week when the iPad finally became a part of Wallpapers of the Week with wallpapers for both the iPhone and the iPad.
    But sadly it looks like that was just a one time thing.

    • Andrew Roth

      They only post what they find. If a designer didn’t make an iPad version as well, then that’s the designer’s fault not iDB’s.

      • Bjørn

        Still, I’m pretty sure it says “iPhone • iPad • iOS” in the iDownloadBlog logo, so maybe they should look harder and find some wallpapers for both iPhones and iPads to feature on Wallpaper of the Week.

      • Rupinder S

        if you’re not happy with their effort, start your own website or stop reading wallpaper posts lol…

      • Bjørn

        It’s a democracy here, so we are entitled to speak what’s on our minds.
        If you don’t like what your government does in your country, do you then move and start your own country?
        Nope, we speak our minds.
        But gladly David Gitman posted some awesome iPad wallpapers instead of making a stupid comment like yours.

      • Rupinder S


    • Guest

      here some for the ipad

    • David Gitman

      here some for the ipad (my pictrues were at low res):

      • Bjørn

        Thanks, they are awesome.

      • David Gitman

        glad you like them 🙂

  • Scope

    Become Legend

  • M@

    Needs both iPad and iPhone, so my devices can match 🙂

    • Guest

      here some for the ipad :

      • M@

        You’re amazing, I’m naming my child after you.

      • David Gitman

        Hehe xd

    • David Gitman

      here some for the ipad (my pictrues were at low res) and now they are better :

      • James Arthur

        for iphone please..

  • David Gitman


    • Ahmed Karoui

      Meh, Eh, Huh! Cool names bro 😀

      • David Gitman

        hahah thanks

  • MikeOxlong

    Image quality and resolution are nothing more than meh. These images need to be 4x crisper in order to be enjoyable.

  • ready1take1

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for sharing these wallpapers. They look great with the theme Glasklart:

  • Rupinder S

    That ice cream looks so delicious omg.

  • Wintermassacr3

    can anyone tell me what is the statusbar theme?

  • Matt

    A Nanna setup for some inspiration! 🙂

    • Mukund Bhatla

      Great as always, thoughts on my new LS? :p

      • Matt
  • svartkuken


  • Rares

    No disrespect Jim but as long as these wallpapers don’t have the parallax resolution, they are useless.

  • Mukund Bhatla

    Current Setup 🙂

    • Edgar Barrera

      Hey , what are your LS Tweaks/Configs ?

      • Mukund Bhatla

        Status Bar: Android KitKat Status bar
        JellyLock7 with a theme called JellyLock7 mini
        LockHTML3 to hide basic stuff like NC, CC grabbers
        And the clock widget is called LS Zoobhoy Clok (search it on reddit!)
        Attached the wallpaper incase you need it 🙂