Facebook Mentions 1.0 for iOS (image 002)

The social networking behemoth, Facebook, today launched a brand new iPhone application: Mentions.

Although you can download it – the app is currently rolling out to the U.S. App Store as we speak – chances are you probably won’t be able to use it.

That is, unless you’re a verified public figure such as an actor, athlete, musician or other influencer, in which case Mentions is right for you.

In a nutshell, Mentions allows celebrities to see what fans are saying, engage in conversations with people and influencers who are talking about them, tell their own story by sharing updates, photos and videos – and even host live Q&As directly from their iPhone…

Moreover, Facebook Mentions makes it easy for celebs to discover what’s trending and check out replies to their content from others via a Mentions tab. Facebook told Peter Kafka of Re/code that “celebrities who have tested the app have been posting twice as much as before.”

Facebook Mentions 1.0 for iOS (image 003)

Guess which famous post was created by a celebrity using Mentions? That’s right, Tyrese Gibson’s video featuring Dr. Dre celebrating Apple’s $3 billion Beats buy before the deal had formally closed (it got pulled shortly after).

Facebook say “tens of thousands” of its users will be able to use it at launch. Later on, the company plans on releasing Mentions internationally and eventually to public figures who only have a conventional Facebook profile.

Facebook Mentions 1.0 for iOS (image 004)

To learn more, check out the Facebook Mentions website.

If you’re a celeb, go ahead and download Mentions free in the App Store.

The app is rolling as we speak so don’t panic if you don’t see it live just yet.

  • Another useless Facebook app.

    • One mans trash is another mans treasure. AKA: just because it’s useless to you, doesn’t mean others won’t find it helpful.

      • Laura Frank

        I work on so many different projects that I just end up with a dozen things 25% completed.

    • Diego Milano

      While that Mammal guy comment below is true, I still have to say that I never found any of these apps practical in any way. I tested the Messenger app on a test device and I have to say I decided I didn’t need it at-all; the sole fact of having to switch from one app to another just say “HI” and being unable to keep on working on the main Facebook screen kills the idea of an app being effective and practical. The result? I got rid of it after the first few minutes.
      There goes another mans treasure. 🙂

      • Well, Facebook Messenger is a treasure for me. I prefer using the standalone messenger app over having to open the full Facebook app just for messaging. I don’t want to see updates if I’m just trying to have a conversation with someone. So the statement of “ones mans trash” still holds true.

      • ARX8

        Of course the Messenger standalone application is good and very useful at times. But making it mandatory to have it installed rather than to use the old chatheads to message seamlessly while using the original Facebook app is the shittiest idea ever.
        Consider the case of pre A6 devices with low memory. It’s a really bad idea.
        About the messenger app,
        Well, the idea is good but I don’t like how they made the app. The messages synchronization method is stupid. It needs to load every single message from the beginning. Unlike whatsapp, it doesn’t store old messages on device. They should at least give us option to keep the old messages upto a certain time on our devices.

      • I don’t think they make you download it. If you have it downloaded it makes you use it but if it’s not downloaded you can still use chat heads.

      • ARX8

        It wasn’t like this in a previous version. Tapping the messages tab used to pop up a screen asking to install messenger to INSTANTLY message anyone.
        Still, I want to use chatheads when I use facebook and messenger when I don’t.
        There was a tweak to disable messenger detection but it doesn’t seem to work anymore

      • Diego Milano

        Well, that’s interesting. I did hear Messenger was going to be mandatory but for some reason it isn’t for me.

  • Jonathan

    Wow Facebook, don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

  • Mike M. Powell

    Soooooooo Twitter?

  • nazcorp

    This is actually really cool. I might get downvoted for this, but for once I agree with FB on creating this app. I hate with a passion their push to separate messages from FB – but this is perfect. This will help so many people – not just the celebs and profamous, but help interactions between their fans. Let their voices be heard, and possibly open up more communication pt said feedback. Facebook is a business tool for most companies and I even see this being a huge asset and convenient tool for those companies.

  • Jason Baroni

    Facebook’s behavior is similar to Google’s: lets work on everything and something else.

    • I have the same problem. I work on so many different projects that I just end up with a dozen things 25% completed.

  • Sos Oaspm

    I think this is a good idea for, Buisness, bands, and artists to get in touch with or at least see what fans are talking about.

  • ARX8

    But why?
    Spend you time on making your existing apps better, please, facebook.

  • Bob

    Listening to R&B made you become drug free? lol idiot.