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Just a quick heads up for all of you Starbucks-goers out there. The coffee-serving chain is offering the popular ‘Threes!’ puzzle game for iPhone and iPad free this week as its App Pick of the Week.

For those unfamiliar with Threes!, it’s a simple number-matching puzzle game known for its beautiful UI and addictive gameplay. It typically costs $1.99 and is very rarely (if ever) offered for free…

To snag your free copy of Threes!, simply head down to your local Starbucks store (it appears to be US-only) and pick up a Pick of the Week card. There’s a redeemable code on the back for the free app.

Threes! was an Apple Design Award-winner this year, and has a 4.5-star rating in the App Store. It’s also one of the most-cloned games on iOS, which isn’t a good thing, but it should tell you something.

Click here for our complete review of Threes!

  • Stefano

    Can anyone post a code for me. I love mathematic puzzle games. Starbucks is nowhere near where I live. Thanks!!!!

    • kron1k 

      How about just paying $2?

      • Stefano

        You are the epitome of troll.

      • kron1k 

        I’m a troll because you say you love these types of games but you want someone to give it to you for free…Ok let me get you a code…do you have money for gas though?

      • Stefano

        For whatever reason you target people, like myself, which gives you a sense of pleasure; this makes you a troll. Your statement to me is so outrageous I’m actually feeling embarrassed for you. The developer chose to give out thousands of free copies, what is wrong asking for a redeemable code. Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.

      • kron1k 

        Ok dude I’m a troll…now gimme some money to get across my troll bridge :)…guess I’m outrageous for asking for gas money…it ain’t cheap you know….but I figured it’d cost you less since you don’t live by Starbucks…hopefully you find someone to help you. Hopefully you pay it forward too….

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Technically Starbucks pays for the app. 🙂

      • Stefano

        yeah, I figured it was one or the other. I was thinking Starbucks pays for each redeemed code

  • Stefano

    Thanks for positing, but they’re all been redeemed :/

  • John Tremendol

    Can anyone post some codes please, there is no starbucks in my country;(

  • Moh@mmad Amin

    Can anyone send me a code please?
    I’m not in US
    My Mail is:

  • im2slick4u

    Guys if anyone really wants a code and can’t make it to Starbucks just reply to this theres one right by my house I’ll get a code for each person who replies next time I stop in

  • Sandy

    Can anyone share code

  • Kevin Kheira

    share a code and make my day at

  • rfitz9

    Can someone please send me a code. I’m in Colorado, but none of the locations near me ever offered this card. I also tried connecting to the store wifi with no luck either.