Apple announces 2014 Design Awards winners

Apple 2014 Design Awards

Apple has selected twelve apps that it feels “combine design and technology in creative, compelling, and powerful ways” as its 2014 Design Awards winners. The company announced the winners as part of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this afternoon.

The winners are as follows: Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day, Cinemagraph Pro, Storehouse – Visual Storytelling, Monument Valley, Threes!, DEVICE 6, Blek, Leo’s Fortune, Day One, Yahoo News Digest, Teachley: Addimals Adventure and PanoPerfect. Read ahead for a rundown of each app…

  • Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day is a beautiful star and constellation guide for iPhone and iPad. $1.99 on the App Store.
  • Cinemagraph Pro is a professional tool designed for the creation of “flixels,” or living photos. $24.99 on the Mac App Store.
  • Storehouse – Visual Storytelling lets you document and share meaningful experiences by combining photos, video and text. Free on the App Store.
  • Monument Valley is a well-designed game in which you guide a silent princess through a fantasy world through architectural monuments. $3.99 on the App Store.
  • Threes! is a tiny, number-matching puzzle game for iPhone with a beautiful user interface. $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
  • DEVICE 6 is a thrilling game in which the written word is both your map and your narrator. Get it for $3.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
  • Blek is a game that tasks you with creating a moving line to collect colored circles, but avoid those black holes. $2.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
  • Leo’s Fortune is an epic adventure game where you attempt to find the cunning and mysterious thief who stole your gold. $4.99 for iPhone and iPad.
  • Day One is an insanely popular journaling app that lets you record your life as you live it. $9.99 on the Mac App Store. iPhone and iPad versions available.
  • Yahoo News Digest provides summaries about significant new stories on the day, based on Summly. The app is free on the App Store for iPhone.
  • Teachley: Addimals Adventure was selected as a student award winner. The educational app combines child learning with fun. Free on the App Store.
  • PanoPerfect is a second student award winning app that lets you share your panoramic iPhone photos with friends and on social networks. Free for iPhone.

I have personally played Monument Valley, Blek and Leo’s Fortune, and I am not surprised that the trio of games made this list. Every other app listed is also incredibly useful, so I recommend giving the list above a second look if you’re looking for new apps to try out.

As there was an avalanche of news surrounding the WWDC keynote today, we will treat this post as App Recap for Monday. We’ll be back with regularly scheduled content tomorrow.