OS X Yosemite Splash

Today, Apple announced the newest version of its desktop operating system, OS X 10.10, also known as “Yosemite.” With a vast array of new features, 10.10 is one of the largest departures from previous versions we have seen in many years. Sporting exciting additions like Continuity, which promises a more streamlined experience when switching between iOS devices and desktop devices, we are really enjoying getting through some of the beta testing.

Each new version of any OS includes at least one amazing wallpaper from Apple. Today, we discovered one new wallpaper with each iOS 8 and Yosemite. Inside, find the full resolution versions for your selective devices…

Download Yosemite wallpaper

First, is the desktop version of the Yosemite wallpaper. It is an image of El Capitan in Yosemite park, keeping in line with Apple’s new vision to name OS X versions after California-inspired locations and entities. From the seas of Mavericks to the mountains with Yosemite.

Yosemite Preview

Download: desktop (5418 x 3048 at 300); iPhone 5/s/c; iPad

Download iOS 8 wallpaper

iOS 8 Wallpaper preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c; iPad

The links below each preview will load the full resolution image. For the desktop version, make sure to save the image in a folder and set it as your desktop. With such a large file size, it will be perfect for Retina model computers. The iOS wallpapers can be downloaded directly from your device by opening it in mobile Safari. Tap hold the image and save it to Camera Roll. The image can be set as wallpaper through either the Settings.app or Photos.app.

To download some user created iOS 8 and OS X wallpapers, make sure to check out Sunday’s Wallpapers of the Week post!

Thanks to @JasonZigrino for helping me run down that giant OS X wallpaper. Also, a big thanks to @Surenix, who actually pegged this official iOS 8 wallpaper, yesterday! Check out the full WWDC and iOS wallpaper pack on his website.

  • Johnny

    If anyone downloaded the beta OS X Yosemite, can they post the new app icons? Thanks in advance!

    • Guest

      Is that what you mean? (Attached)

  • David Williams

    The iOS 8 wallpaper is in the beta that was released today.

  • Jem Roxas

    Is it just me? Or the default iOS 8 wallpaper is (like) upside down?

    • JN

      it’s underwater

      • Jem Roxas

        Thanks bro!

      • Technocrz!


    • Aiden McGinnis

      It is underwater, the very top is above water though. Think like the camera is half underwater, half above water.

      • Jem Roxas

        Oh. I get it now. Thanks! 🙂

    • Lion Mon

      The iphone 6 is waterproof beacuse the ios 8 wallpaper is underwater!

  • Guest

    Isn’t the download link for the IOS 8 wallpaper the wrong one? The picture is the correct one but when I click on the dl, it’s different?

  • Christiexx

    Isn’t the download link for the IOS 8 wallpaper the wrong one? The
    picture is the correct one but when I click on the download link, it’s different?

  • Guest

    Is it me or is that picture actually half dome?

  • Steve Zou

    That is not the iOS wallpaper.
    This is

    • Ayman

      You are right, but can I have it on full resolution?

      • Steve Zou

        It is.
        Guess that little blur is what Apple exactly wants

      • Christiexx

        can you upload the full iphone resolution on dropbox with links pls?

  • Ayman

    its not the same. The one on the iPhone 5c and the one I downloaded it.

    • sam

      full resolution

      • JimGresham

        640 x 1136 is not “full resolution” for iOS devices running iOS 7 or later. Because of the parallax effect, resolutions should be >= 744 x 1392.

  • Henry Tai

    Thanks a lot!

  • Okhoo

    Looks good upside down?

    • Kilroy672

      Looks better this way. This way looks like sun rays on the ocean or lake. The other way looks like it was upside down to begin with.

      • Okhoo

        Yeah I agree.

  • ericesque

    I’d like the one in the lead pic without the logo and text…

    • Jared

      Me to

  • Johnny

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Erm.

  • Mickey McDonnell

    The new Yosemite desktop wallpaper is the Half Dome, not El Capitan.