iOS 8 and OS X wallpapers

iOS 8 wallpaper splash AR7 exact

Almost concurrently with the WWDC 2014 announcement, many fans began pointing me in the direction of wallpapers to match the designs. Several weeks ago, we posted an assortment of WWDC 2014 wallpapers, to much fanfare.

With the conference starting tomorrow, Apple began preparations at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The first glance of new product imagery comes with the hanging of banners, inside and out.  At the end of last week, Apple finalized their scene setting with iOS 8 and OS X banners. Inside, we included wallpapers inspired by the marketing images, submitted by fans…


The iOS 8 wallpapers are inspired by water, matching the banners designed by Apple. A blue hue with ripples is also oddly reminiscent of iOS 6’s advertisement wallpaper. Additionally, the OS X imagery includes a mountain, which many have tried to locate, guessing names like OS X “Yosemite,” and “El Cap.” OS X version names shifted to local California inspired items with last year’s launch of Mavericks.

The featured wallpaper from above is designed by popular graphic artists, @AR72014, or AR7 for short. Over the past year, his images were frequently hosted in the Wallpapers of the Week section. I highly encourage you to download his iOS app, self titled “AR7,” which is dedicated to publishing all of his collection in a single location. Now, with his Deviant Art and Dribbble accounts run dry, the app is the only location to download his art.

iOS 8 Logo Wallpaper AR7 preview  iOS 8 Blank Wallpaper AR7 preview

Downloads by AR7: 8 logo; blank

WWDC Wallpaper AR7 preview  WWDC Wallpaper blank AR7 preview

Downloads by AR7: WWDC 2014; blank

iOS 8 Bars Saleem Usama preview  The Big 8 Wallpaper Saleem Usama preview

Downloads by @SaleemUsama: iOS 8 with bars; iOS 8 no bars; “Big 8

xx desktop wallpaper crazytechno preview

Downloads by crazytechno: desktop; iPhone 5/s/c; iPhone 5/s/c without “X”

UPDATE 6/8/14: The above image of El Capitan, titled “El Capitan Dares You” is originally photographed by Wasim Muklashy. You can view more information on his website and view multiple resolutions via


To grab the high resolution version of each wallpaper, tap the corresponding link below the image. Once it loads, tap hold on your iOS device, and save the image to Camera Roll. It can then be accessed via or and made the wallpaper. Alternatively, right click the full image from a desktop and save them to your iTunes sync folder.

Thanks to our avid readers for pointing these out! Next week we will be posting a first year anniversary article for the Wallpapers of the Week section! It promises to be a giant round up of some past favorites, excellent reader submissions, and even a few new ones.

Do not forget to come back tomorrow for full WWDC 2014 coverage and watch the keynote streaming live on various platforms. Keep the chatter alive, in the comment section below.