Episode 47: It’s been a big week for the jailbreak community as highly anticipated tweaks like IntelliScreenX 7 and Vertex are reviewed. We also discuss the upcoming release of Auxo 2, along with our observations from Sentry’s recent teaser videos. Finally, we chit-chat about Polus, PowerBanners, and Unread.

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  • h4nd0fg0d

    Real shame Vertex uglies up CC so much. Good concept, poorly implemented.

  • andyr354

    I don’t see the need for intelliscreen.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I feel the same way.

  • My Podcast app is pink because of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. Lol.

  • TonyVee73

    I really wish that the all the info on Lockscreen was not always visible in ITX7. I hope they offer an option to have the Notification Center back on the LS.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I feel IntelliscreenX 7 is a waste for iOS7. Maybe on iOS 6 is was needed, maybe it wasn’t. Its OVERKILL on your Lockscreen. Personally I don’t want or need that much info while my iDevice is locked. And when my iDevice is unlocked there a App for that.