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AdAge is reporting this afternoon that Apple is looking to roll out new video iAds for iPhone and iPad later this year. Citing people with knowledge of the company’s plans, the outlet says that these ‘interstitial’ ads will automatically play in full-screen on iOS devices.

The way it works currently, iAds are much less obtrusive: a user must click on a mobile banner for a brand’s ad video to play. Under the new format, developers could opt to display TV commercial-like ads during moments of transition, like in between game levels…

Here’s more from the AdAge report:

“The people described these new video ads as “interstitials,” suggesting that they’ll interrupt whatever someone is doing in app. More likely the ads will play at moments of transition, like after completing a game’s level or finishing an article.

It’s not clear how Apple plans to sell the video iAds or at what price. One person said Apple may sell the units through its ad exchange that quietly rolled out “a couple weeks ago.” Adweek had reported in December that Apple was looking to launch an ad exchange. Details of the exchange are scarce, but auctioned-off ads are typically less lucrative than ones pitched by a direct sales team.”

The site postulates that these new video ads may be a way for Apple to rekindle advertiser interest in its iAd network. The advertising platform, introduced in 2010, has struggled to gain traction in the market, forcing Apple to drop the buy-in from $1 million to just $100K.

Apple has had better luck with iTunes Radio though, reportedly pulling down up to $10 million for ad space from high-profile clients like Nissan, Pepsi and McDonalds. It’ll be interesting to see how this new format bodes with both advertisers and—more importantly—users.

What are your thoughts on having to watch video ads during ‘moments of transition’ in apps or games?

  • ayymelo

    Ahh yesss, giving us yet another reason to jailbreak… Thanks Apple!

    • JesusFreak

      How is jailbreaking avoid ads?

      • smtp25

        Because at least you have hope that someone will release a tweak that stops it. If Video Pane can capture videos from any app then theres hope they can do something with full screen ads

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Look at my comment to avoid ads @neslylacroix:disqus

      • Marcus

        Because you can use an AdBlocker to remove iAds.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Yeah not sure how this helps. I have the adblocker app and I still get ads. Is there a tweak thats better?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪


        Adblocker Networks – Another tweak made by the same developer as adblocker than is designed to block iAds, Google ads, admob, etc)

        Flex / Flex 2 – Although not something you’d immediately think of many patches exist in Flex to disable ads

        Firewall IP – You can block incoming and outgoing connections to your device preventing advertisements from downloading

        Hosts files – Usually most advertisements can be blocked by adding custom entries to your devices hosts file located in /etc/hosts. This is advanced stuff and not for the fainthearted and usually involves using some sort of packet sniffer to find out where the advertisements are coming from and then adding a custom hosts entry to block it.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Thanks! I’ll give these a try.

      • Coax

        I tried to use host file once but it was too effective. It completely nerfs some sites beyond all recognition and usability.

      • Skoven

        You have to use AdBlocker networks and/or specify which apps to block adds in. AdBlocker does not block adds in apps unless you specify them (besides Safari).

  • svartkuken

    We’re already drowning in ads everywhere in life, this will make people die of exhaustion.

  • Maxim∑

    Developers need to make money someway. Better than iAP still

    • Tony

      Then charge a dollar for the app with no iAP. The ads nonsense is overpowering. Developers make a 2 second app and rake in cash from the nonstop ads running in it. I think a lot of programmers just take advantage of this. There’s ads and then there’s craziness! Full screen ads are just outrageous. Then again no wonder a bigger screen iphone is probably coming, need bigger ad space.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Jailbreak for the win.

      • Maxim∑

        I understand what your saying I think Apple needs to start to control that a lot more. But well made apps can take weeks and sometimes months to make. And its very hard with no marketing to get your app recognized unless Apple promotes it for you so by making a high quality app but allowing it to be free with ads increases your chances of getting users/money, then you could offer a “pro” version which wouldn’t have ads but be paid.

        Many of these flappy bird clones are developers paying 5-50,000$ to get into the top 10 they put a bunch of ads in there app to make profit back quickly. Apple also needs to stop this

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        “Many of these flappy bird clones are developers paying 5-50,000$ to get into the top 10 they put a bunch of ads in there app to make profit back quickly.”

        Can you really pay to gain the top 10 ranking system? I’ve heard about this in the past but had thought that Apple had stopped this by now. Evidently I must have thought wrong…

  • Eni


  • Xee

    I avoid apps with ads where ever possible.

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    Block ads using Basic-Adblocker ios7 from sinfuliphone repo!

    • Marcus

      First off that repo sucks and should be destroyed. Second the tweak you mentioned is most likely a buggy pirated version of the original AdBlocker. And third I don’t see how an AdBlockers slows down your phone or drains the battery… It only increases it because ads aren’t being loaded.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        I understand your expressed opinion and why it might suck to you, but the modified tweak from basic really does help. And the adblocker I have is paid, not a buggy pirated version. Adblocker is an extension, when apps are opened it links it with the script. Loading the script uses extra sources. And this doesn’t block all ads on cydia or apple’s. Use basic.

        Just as if there were updates to safari or any apps that would interfere with extensions, worst is that iPhone’s safari isn’t mean to be attached with extensions. the real ad blocker is using the host file on system.

  • Anonomous.TECH.man

    Good thing I got adblocker.

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      check my comment out! its better than adblocker!

      • Anonomous.TECH.man

        To each his own.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        You don’t need a tweak just to modify your devices hosts file you can do it yourself. All you need is Openssh and a file manager that supports SFTP like Cyberduck or Filezilla.

        1. Google Adblocking hosts file
        2. Download it
        3. Connect to your device using root@Your_IP_Address (password is alpine unless you changed it)
        4. Transfer the hosts files to /etc
        5. Reboot
        6. Done

  • quitcherbichinn


  • Antzboogie

    Adblocker I Love You!!

  • Remember when fanboys were so excited about iAds when they were first announced?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I honestly have a hard time believing that anyone that doesn’t have a brain the size of an amoeba could get excited about ads…

  • Hyr3m

    Way to go Apple! I’m really glad you feel the need to make even more money on the back of your users!