iPhone 4S on table

In August of last year, Apple introduced an official trade-in program for iPhones. The deal gives customers an affordable way to upgrade to a new handset by getting store credit based on the value of their current, working iPhone—up to $300 depending on model and condition.

Initially, Apple only accepted trade-ins in-store in the United States, but it has since expanded the program to the UK and India. And yesterday, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that the company has rolled out the popular trade-in offering to a third country this week: France…

Here’s the report from iPhoneAddicts (via MacRumors):

“From today, the French Apple Store offer recovery program already launched iPhone in the United States and the United Kingdom. Very simply, it allows users to give their current iPhone to receive a certain sum of money that will be used in the stride for the purchase of a new model. We had confirmation that the program began this Monday, March 3 through Apple France.”

To participate in the iPhone trade-in program, you just need to have an iPhone 3G or newer that powers on. Apple will give you store credit for the device to be used towards the purchase of a iPhone  5s, 5c or 4s. How much you are given depends on the iPhone’s model and condition.

In France, the promotion offers customers up to €215 (or $296) in store credit. The site says that French retail store employees have been briefed on the program and have been told to inform customers purchasing a new iPhone of the option. Details are on Apple’s French website.

Apple is also expected to expand its trade-in program to Canada soon—a recent report says Canadian Apple store employees are already being trained on the subject—as well as several other countries.

  • Christian Mejía

    Still no way to fix iPhone 5s cracked screen?

    • Lady GAGA

      How did you crack it !!!?

      • Christian Mejía

        Well it’s a long story. It all started like a month ago. I was in the Swiss alps coming back from a skii trip. As we were descending down the mountain I saw a wild snow sloth. I was like yo there’s a sloth up here. And my friend was like doood that is a sloth. We couldn’t just leave it there so I made the journey over to him and it turned out to be a midget dressed up as a sloth. I was like what are you doing over here bro. And he hit me across the head with him long majestical hair. I woke up at the bottom of the mountain cold. The midget had taken my shirt off and shaved all my chest hair to keep himself warn. So I wake up to a harsh headache I didn’t know what to do but call for help. I pulled out my brand new iPhone 5s and called the police and they said they will be right over. They finally came guns drawn because they saw a guy shirtless in the Swiss alps so they thought I was a bum and I said I called but they don’t know English so they shot but luckily they shot my pocket where my iPhone was and it took the bullet and cracked. That’s how it went down.

      • Lady GAGA

        So you dropped it in the kitchen