Arq Dock (image 004)

The Arq, a new Kickstarter project, seeks to solve the problem of charging multiple devices simultaneously. This cleverly engineered accessory lets you charge multiple form factor iOS and Android devices individually, via either Lightning or micro USB. And thanks to its modular design, devices can be charged in groups or closely nested together, because Arq docks can be conveniently nested together, all within a small footprint.

To give you the exact idea of the Arq’s size, each measures 1.85 inches deep, 4.03 inches wide and 1.38 inches tall. There are also nano micro suction pads on the bottom that keep the Arq firmly anchored to smooth surfaces for easy undocking, as seen on the Slope iPad stand I recently reviewed

Here’s from the Arq’s creators, Jelena Tomic, Bojan Smiljanic and Adewale Adelusi-Adeluyi of B&A Studio, who are also behind the Modo and QooQi Kickstarter projects.

Arq dock was inspired by the utility and space saving features of nesting furniture. CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, bead blasted and then anodized for an exquisite finish. Arq docks will compliment any environment you place them in to showcase your devices

The Arq works with the iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad mini, iPad Air, as well as with smartphones and tablets from Samsung, Sony, HTC and others.

Pictured below: the Arc docks used nested together (left) and individually (right).

Arq Dock (image 001)Arq Dock (image 002)

The dock features adjustable back support for protection for the device surface, dedicated spaces for protective flaps and adjustable conector heights from 0 to 9mm, allowing it to dock your iPhone and iPad devices with cases and battery packs, as seen below.

Arq (image 006)Arq (image 007)

And here’s the Arq introduction video.

And this is how you use the Arq.

A single Arq will set you back a bearable $35.

Two or three modular Arq nesting docks are valued at $65 and $90, respectively. The Arq will be available in Apollo Silver, Titan Red and Aurora Black.

The dock ships with two support pins with silicon capacitive caps, the Arq key and 3ft Micro-USB cable (Lightning cable not included).

People have pledged nearly $10,000 to support the project, with 42 more days to go.

UPDATE: the company told me via email that they were able to found a better way to manufacture these things by extruding the main dock body, which saves a ton of money from machine time for CNC.

In turn, they cancelled the project and will be relaunching it by removing the old pledge of $35 with a new one of just $19 (even though they were already 95 percent funded). I’ll update the article when they launch again with the new pricing.

In the meantime, hop over to the Arq’s Kickstarter page for more information.

  • smilja

    Awesome article! Cheers

  • Hello Christian, thanks for the article. How can we get an Arq to you for a hands on review? Reach out to us on twitter @2040studio Thanks.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      The big question is: Is the dock heavy enough so that the iDevice can be removed with one hand without having to stabilize the dock with the other hand? This is my main complaint about many docks out there, including the Apple’s one.

      • @mohammedsahib:disqus Arq uses Nano micro suction pads that keep it firmly attached to the surface. One handed removal of any idevice – ipod, ipad, or iphone. Check the video where you will see one handed docking and undocking of an iphone 5s in a Morphie Juice case. Thanks and we are here to answer any questions.

      • Kartik Dhawan

        I love the fact that you are replying to people’s questions.

      • Hello Kartik, thanks for your comment. We have to make sure that we provide answers to any questions about a product we are very proud of 🙂 and stand behind. Thanks again and lets keep spreading the word.

  • Tony

    And backed for 2, this looks really well done!

    • Hello Tony, thanks for your support. Please continue to spread the word. We are here to answer any questions. Thanks.

  • Tony

    Idownloadblog needs to update this story or do another on why they cancelled the funding for this project. So not cool.