The DockCase Explorer USB-C hub expands I/O and features an informative LCD display

DockCase Explorer Rear Ports.

There’s no shortage of USB-C hubs out on the market that you can pick from, ranging from around $15 to $60. These dime-a-dozen devices are useful for attaching multiple peripherals to your USB-C-equipped computer with a single port, and whether you opt for a cheap or expensive model, you can expect mostly the same performance from each, albeit a cheaper model might have fewer bells and whistles or not look as nice.

Funxim: a wireless charging mat for your iPhone and Apple Watch

When Apple debuted the new 2017 iPhone models with support for wireless charging, they previewed an upcoming product called AirPower. AirPower is a charging mat that will let you charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods wirelessly at the same time.

The rumored price on such a lust-worthy device? Possibly close to $200. Funxim, a new kickstarter project, looks to get you two thirds of the way there for only $29.

Review: Lander Carry System outdoor gear packs

The Lander Carry System is made up of two accessory bags, and two larger packs; the Traveler and the Commuter. The Commuter is a smaller backpack great for day to day use. The Traveler is a 35 liter roll top bag aimed at a 3-4 day trip. They have several unique features that set them apart from all other gear bags like waterproofing, the Crash Pad, and the Hot Route.