Funxim: a wireless charging mat for your iPhone and Apple Watch

When Apple debuted the new 2017 iPhone models with support for wireless charging, they previewed an upcoming product called AirPower. AirPower is a charging mat that will let you charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods wirelessly at the same time.

The rumored price on such a lust-worthy device? Possibly close to $200. Funxim, a new kickstarter project, looks to get you two thirds of the way there for only $29.

Funxim is a wireless charging pad capable of charging your Apple Watch, and any Qi enabled device simultaneously.

It has 10 watts of power, a minimalistic design, and 80% efficiency.

It can handle all of that, for only $29.

That does sound all well and good, but it isn’t all sunflowers and sprinkles.

They make the magic happen by including one Qi charger, and leave an opening for you to insert your Apple Watch charging puck.

That’s right, compared to the AirPower where you can charge any combination of devices, the Funxim only has one Qi charger.

That makes the price more understandable when you consider you are buying a a Qi charger with an integrated Apple Watch charging puck mount.

Still a very clever idea, and a much more cost effective one, but not the magical solution Apple is promising us early next year.

One positive side is that Apple’s AirPower will only work with the Apple Watch Series 3, and Funxim will work with any Apple Watch, since it just uses the traditional charging puck.

If you are interested in backing it, you can do so over on Kickstarter with preorder pricing at just $29 for a single charger, or $49 for a pair. Once they are available, the price will jump up to $79 for a single Funxim charger.

So what do you think of the Funxim charger? Do you like the idea of being able to charge your devices wirelessly together? Shout out below!