Chevy Equinox ad

General Motors a few days ago started airing a new television commercial for its brand now 2014 vehicle, the Chevrolet Equinox. The car features integration with Siri Eyes Free, an Apple-made voice-activated system which debuted in 2012 allowing drivers to interact with Siri on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using their voice, without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Watch now how a perfectly normal conversation between a husband and wife goes wrong thanks to Siri…

Check out the ad (via iClarified).

That was epic, no?

The Equinox is the first Chevy car in 2014 to integrate with Siri Eyes Free. The feature is also coming to several other 2014 Chevy vehicles, including the Camaro, Volt, Malibu, SS and Cruze.

  • Haqnadam

    hahaaaaa…. nice

  • Haqnadam


  • Sandy Cook

    MIldy amusing, far from epic

  • Cool, but far from enough to justify buying a new vehicle…I’d rather use my Bluetooth headset (BlueBudx X) to invoke Siri while my iPhone is connected via Auxiliary cable to my car speakers.

  • Alex-V

    we are allready have it in germany in all new opel cars 🙂

  • Alex-V

    h t t p : / / w w w . opel . de / microsite / adam / adam-intellilink2.html#/intellilink_siri

    we are allready have it in germany in all new opel cars 🙂

  • Cool

    pretty funny

  • Robert Goldberg

    Why old voice?