Tim Cook ABC intervew (teaser 003)

Rounding out Apple’s celebration of the Mac’s 30th anniversary on Friday, ABC aired an interview between its own David Muir and CEO Tim Cook. Senior VP Craig Federighi and VP Bud Tribble were also on hand, but Cook did most of the talking.

It was a short discussion, running for less than 5 minutes, and some of it has already been spoiled by preview clips. But for those who haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching, as Cook speaks out about major issues such as the recent NSA surveillance scare…


Tim Cook rarely gives interviews, and even more rarely goes on TV—his last appearance was on NBC’s Rock Center in 2012. But Apple execs have been very active in the media over the past week in an effort to promote the Macintosh’s 30th anniversary.

Last week, Federighi and Tribble joined Phil Schiller in an interview with Macworld regarding the future of the Mac. And on Friday, Apple dedicated its home page to its 30-year-old computer, and hung up posters honoring past and current employees.

  • MHCsk

    Even if they have to do something with the NSA Tim Cook would never confirm that, so there is no point in asking such question.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      In the video he actually said Apple has a gag order so even if he wants to speak out he isn’t allowed to…

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    4 minutes is the FULL interview ?

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      yeah thats what i said when i was on the ABC site last night..

  • Capirexz

    Off topic here? Yess!
    Anyone know Notifier+ or OpenNotifier for iOS7 ? or something similar? Its my Favourite Tweaks.

  • jack

    that is not the full interview.. it is just the excerpts merged together. iDB, did you even watch the video your article is about?

  • Kharn Kaluza

    Wth.. How long do interviews go for? This seems like highlights. But hey, I’m glad I get to give iDB get a click + 1 for this interview. Thanks iDB -.-

  • Xee

    Where is the full interview?

  • butterfield

    Also..this constant harping on “secrecy” in product development…duh…have you SEEN the landscape in tech these days?? A million lawsuits for patent infringements and accusations of stealing concepts??! It is just doing business to not blab about every damn product or innovation you are working on, despite what the fantards or media thing they deserve to know.

  • Andres

    David Muir: larger iPhone screen, iWatch?

    Tim Cook: “hahahaha”

    For me, that laugh is a yes.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      If that laugh isn’t a yes then the iWatch trademarks should be. Why else would Apple be trademarking iWatch in countries if they weren’t going to make one…