How to add fb to messages 1About a week ago, we reviewed Astro, which is a third-party Facebook chat client for OS X that features native options that most other chat clients don’t offer. Some of our readers commented on the fact that you can just use Messages to chat with Facebook friends. A few others noted that they did not realize it was possible to connect to Facebook through Messages, so we thought we’d explain it with a quick how-to guide…

As a reminder, we offer these basic how-to guides for our readers who are not necessarily as tech savvy as others claim to be. We know that many of you have been using Messages to chat with Facebook friends for years and you don’t need a tutorial. This article is for readers who don’t necessarily know about the feature, and we know there are some of them out there. If you already know how to connect Facebook to Messages, don’t feel bad about skipping this article. It won’t hurt our feelings.

Apple’s chat client, Messages, showed up on the Mac in 2012 when the company launched Mountain Lion. If you don’t already know about Messages on the Mac, you are in for a treat. It makes it possible for you to connect with a variety of sources to chat seamlessly with other OS X or iOS users, plus you can connect to your Google, Yahoo, and AOL accounts to communicate without having to log onto their websites. Although not as well known, Messages makes it possible for you to add even more third-party chat clients through the instant messaging service Jabber. That is how we are going to connect to Facebook.

How to add fb to messages 4Step 1: Open Messages and select “Add Account” from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of your Mac.

Step 2: Select “Other messages account…” from the available options and click “Continue.”

Step 3: Select Jabber from the dropdown menu under “Account Type.”

How to add fb to messages 3Step 4: Enter your Facebook user name with as the suffix. For example, if your Facebook username is Joe Everyman, your chat username will be

Step 5: Enter your Facebook account password.

Step 6: Enter in the server options section for “Server.”

Step 7: Enter 5222 for the Port number.

Step 8: Click the “Create” button.

Now your Facebook conversations have been added to Messages. Every time someone on Facebook says hello, you will be notified as if it were one of your Messages chats on OS X.

  • Graham Miranda

    Super amazing! Thank you so much 🙂

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Hey, it shows incorrect password…

      • 200178

        Same problem. Keep asking me for password

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Facebook discontinued Jabber some time back, just Google if you want to know more about it.

      • So, it is no longer possible to use facebook chat with iMessage?

      • Agneev Mukherjee


  • Gerardo Castro

    Haha I remember that old trick from iChat in 10.6, glad to see it still works

  • Luke O’ Sullivan

    Thanks!! Didn’t have a clue you could do that 😛

  • La Cucaracha

    Wtf?! I’ve been using os x since tiger and i never knew about this! But too late cause i wont be using this on my mac or else my wife would be able to read my conversations LOL

    • Jonathan

      Create a seperate account with a password. 😉

      • La Cucaracha

        Haha it’ll only make her more suspicious. Even biolockdown is of no use to me cause she’d still force me to unlock apps that i locked

    • Polo

      stop messaging girls and stick with your wife lol

      • If she doesn’t trust when she should, you have A Problem. If she doesn’t trust when she shouldn’t, you have An Even Bigger Problem. Been there; done that; moved on and found a much better partner; everybody’s happier. To the OP: Good luck. You sound like you need it.

  • Jonathan

    Now, all I need is a Mac.

    • Framboogle

      You use a PC? *gasp*

      • Jonathan

        Unfortunately. Once I get a Mac though, there’s no going back.

      • 123bob

        Macs are so expensive tho!

      • Jonathan

        You get what you pay for.. and a Mac, it’s a beast behind the frame.

      • 123bob

        Yeah tru, tru Macs are groovy and pretty awesome

      • marcus1324

        You know exactly what your talking about. Mac is amazing.

      • I never have minded paying for what I get; all I ask is that I get what I pay for. I can’t imagine going back to Windows, after spending nearly 25 years developing for the steaming pile of piles. Better to be pecked to death by ducks crossed with piranhas.

      • Framboogle

        And there is a reason to that.

      • Influens

        You can say that again picked a MBP PRO Retina with 500 ssd

    • me too

  • Aditya Rajveer

    When I Add my Account, The First time it opens a new Window in which all FB Contacts Are Listed(Online/Offline)…. If I Close it, I can’t find a way to open it Again…..

    • I’ve seen that, too. Only way I’ve seen to get it back is to go to your preferences, disable the account and then re-enable it and it’ll pop back up again.

      • Aditya Rajveer

        Exactly… But Thats not A Proper Solution… There Must Be Some Other Way….

    • Skoven

      Menu -> Window -> Buddies
      Or cmd + 1 if you like.

      • Aditya Rajveer

        Thanks Man…. It Worked….

  • icezar

    What about when you have 2 step authentication?

  • Skilachi

    Do i need a jabber account for this to work?

    • Skoven

      No 🙂

      • Skilachi


  • TheAngryPenguin

    A couple of caveats: 1) Since FB’s Jabber/XMPP implementation does not support SSL, your username, password, and entire conversation(s) will all be sent across the Internet in plain text; 2) If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your FB account, you will need to enter a one-time password each time you log into FB’s Jabber/XMPP service.

    • Adrayven

      #2, not true. I have 2 factor. You need to setup under your profile/security a separate password for Jabber service. That’s what I did and works groovy.

    • DrSnap

      So, what about #1: the lack of SSL? Does FBs Jabber really not allow SSL connection and/or does the SSL tick box necessarily mean that communications are sent in plain text?

  • Skoven

    Does anyone know if it’s possible, to clear the badge (on the messages icon + the conversation in messages) if you read the message on your phone, a regular browser e.g.? Just like if you read an iMessage on your phone, it will also clear the message/badge in OSX.

  • Paul Meneshian

    does it work with group chats though cause i remember i did this awhile back and it didn’t support group chats

    • jmakris

      I haven’t been able to get group chats to work with Messages app either. Anyone there know of any tips or other tools that work with Facebook group chats?

  • “NOT” Steve Jobs

    Every time i try to login it says “Password incorrect” but it’s correct
    and by the way i can’t find that “other message account” thing !!!

    • Noam Matalon

      the joe.everyone account name isn’t for everyone. go to your facebook acount and check what is your prefix for their mail. that will be your LoginID

      • riz

        same here. tried the user name on my fb email ad, still wouldn’t work! huhu.

  • Technocrz!

    not working for me, keep giving me error id or pw incorrect, even i tried with facebook ID which it assigns with some number

  • David Jensen

    I can’t connect to Facebook =/ Does anyone know what could be wrong? I’m sure all of the info is correct, I’ve checked it 4 times haha.

    • riz

      It won’t work for me too. I used to be able to chat on FB using some built in feature on my Mac laptop but I disabled it and couldn’t put it back. lol

  • Valent Cheung

    But can it receive voice messages?

  • Technocrz!

    For some reason its really not working login and pw incorrect msg appears.

  • Robyn

    Is there a way to view your friend list?

  • thanks

  • Jude Crawford

    awesome im a pc convert so im learning in the fly lol

  • ChiliMac

    THANK YOU!!!!! I knew there had to be a way to deal with that but last time I looked I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me.

  • This method used to work in the past but is not working in Yosemite. Not sure if it was Apple or FaceBook that changed something.

    • Rizwan Rasheed

      Working for me in Yosemite.

  • NishaMei

    Thanks so much, I had no idea this was even an option! Awesome 😀

  • Matthew Douglas

    Very helpful! Still works in 2015! 😉

  • Sergio Espinoz

    Gosh!!!! Can’t get it to work now on Yosemite

    -Used to work about a year or so ago
    -I use Two factor authentication @ FB
    -Went to FB generated App password
    -Pasted on iMessage OSX
    -NO GO

    I get invalid login/password pop up!

    Any workarounds?

    Thanks in advance for your help and support!

  • Ogre Ogah Ogwe

    it cant work on my macbook white,please help

  • Gowri Sankar

    It asks me the login information is incorrect, I know what I am doing.

  • Thanks a lot for this article. I was about to download an app but will first try just adding it to my Messages.

  • To those having issues:
    Facebook turned off the functionality that allowed 3rd Party applications to interact with messages back in 2015.

    They did this so they could add more features, and push it as a product they wholely control. Messages on Facebook is no longer just a nice to have simple chat feature like it once was. It is it’s own thing now.

  • Konrad Skowroński

    It’s no longer valid info since fb doesn’t support jabber or something;) that is needed to work with Messages or Adium.