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There are a couple of tweaks to be found in Cydia that claim to allow you to customize the sections in Control Center, but only one of them is worth your time. CCHide is the tweak that you should target should the need arise to remove sections from Control Center in iOS 7.

Ever since iOS 7 was released in beta form, I’ve been dying for a way to customize Control Center. It comes as no surprise that just a few days after the iOS 7 jailbreak released to the public, a deluge of Control Center tweaks hit Cydia allowing you to do just that. CCHide is one of the best Control Center tweaks available, and it is hands-down better than its closest competitor, CleanCC.

As we tend to do, we’ve created a video walkthrough showcasing all of the features and functions of this excellent new jailbreak tweak. Have a look inside as we take CCHide through a thorough spin on video.

As with most jailbreak tweaks of this type, once CCHide is installed, you can find its options in the Stock settings app. Inside of CCHide’s preference pane, you’ll notice several toggles dedicated to the different sections to be found within Control Center.

The following toggles are contained within CCHide’s preferences:

  • Settings Section (toggles)
  • Brightness Section
  • Media Controls Section
  • Airdrop/Airplay Section
  • Quick Launch Section (app shortcuts)

There’s also a toggle for enabling conditional media controls. This toggle forces media controls to stay hidden unless it detects that music is currently playing. Unfortunately, this conditional control didn’t want to play nice with Spotify, so the media controls stayed hidden, even though music was playing by means of the Spotify app. Hopefully this issue will be fixed in a future update.

CCHide 02

The best thing about CCHide is how easy it is to use. You can literally disabled a toggle for a specific section, and have that section immediately disappear. The CleanCC jailbreak tweak that I mentioned earlier tries to do a lot of the same things as CCHide, but judging from that tweak’s preferences, any changes require a respring. Sadly, I was unable to totally confirm this, because I couldn’t get CleanCC working properly on any of my jailbroken devices.

I don’t know about you, but there are some sections in Control Center that I rarely use. The one that’s most obvious in that regard is the AirDrop/AirPlay section. I rarely use that section, so it was the first one to go as I was testing out CCHide. But it doesn’t just stop there. You can hide every section to be found in Control Center, if that’s your desire. In the end, you can make the Control Center overlay nothing more than a small little nub due to it being completely devoid of sections.

CCHide 01

Simply put, if you’re searching for a cleaner looking Control Center in iOS 7, then look no further. CCHide can be downloaded free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you decide to take it for a test drive, let us know what you think about it, and what sections in Control Center that you’re using it to hide.


    The conditional music playback also means that playback controls disappear when you pause music… severely impacting its usability. Overall though its a nice tweak.

    • VWH

      +1 There needs to be a mini button or something to restart it.


        I think it should simply be smarter… with nothing hidden when you first pull up CC before ever playing music the playback controls are blank without any title/artist or time info… THIS should be hidden… when music is paused… it should not!

      • Daniel James

        This is exactly what the next update will do.


        Nice……. 😀

      • leafsfan85

        But there should also be an option to start music without going into the music app.. I like the idea of a “mini” button or collapsible media section.


        Even better would be to swap out the playback controls with customizable app shortcuts to your music apps! Though this functionality would probably be difficult to implement…

      • leafsfan85

        If that’s what you want then just install CCToggles and create shortcuts to your music apps. I like the media control within the CCA specifically so I dot have to open up another app to control.


        Better would be the ability to implement the FlipSwitch framework and when playback controls are dynamically hidden give the option of displaying the switches… That way you could use something like FlipLaunch to choose which apps now take up that place.

        The idea would be to have launchers specifically relating to media playback on their own row of CC when the playback controls are hidden… I for one would find that incredibly convenient.

        EDIT: that way when media is playing… your launchers are dynamically replaced with the playback controls!

  • Linton Findlay

    any chance that we could get rid of something and make another section bigger? two rows of toggles would be useful, or making the music scrubber easier to use would be useful too

  • Anonymous

    anybody see that app called Cartoon HD in the app store? you can stream free movies and cartoons

    • derp

      Cydia has Movie Box so….

    • CampLazlo

      using it and its great…. also another similar app called HDCartoon…enjoy

      • chumawumba

        $5 just to remove ads?!

    • Hmmm

      Pretty sure that’s illegal, Gone in 3…2…

  • Ben


  • dedegarrido

    They should implement a setting to hide things on lockscreen and home screen. I would preffer to hide everything but quick launch section from lockscreen and nothing on home screen.

    • kraigeriginal

      customLS would likely help you, as would HiddenSettings7

      • dedegarrido

        I don’t think you understood me… I want to hide everything from control center in lockscreen BUT quick launch section; and not hide anything in the homescreen. I don’t want to hide nothing else from lockscreen.

      • kraigeriginal

        I did misread your comment, but I also don’t think it’s possible what you’re talking about. You will likely need to get a lockscreen shortcut tweak (like JellyBoard, etc.) and then use something like CCHide or Cloaky to handle Control Center.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    We need a good concept for how Control Center should have been made, for example, a slight pull should reveal the switches, however if you pull again further you would get an additional section and so forth. In addition to that, it’d be great if you could actually re-sort the order of appearance of these sections.
    What we need is a good designer and developer group such as Sentry or anyone similar and A3tweaks. 😉 Something as nice and smooth as Luna, should be implemented here for the Control Center. I think Apple didn’t do a very good job in designing it and yet there’s a TON of potential within it.
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Truth

      What do you expect. You get what you paid for and you paid for 3 year olds to design your OS. 🙂

      • I Didn’t Do It

        and yet you’re here…

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        One small but very important detail, iOS updates are currently free, so I haven’t paid for this iteration of the firmware.
        Gladly we do have other developers who will be tweaking Control Center and yes, I will definitely pay them to give them credit for their efforts. 🙂

  • Jason

    I have this tweak on my 5S, take CC Deseparator to remove lines 😉

  • Jeff

    Anybody else with CCControls having trouble getting this to work? I couldn’t get CleanCC working either. I have a 5s and most all of my updated tweaks are working flawlessly. Just curious…

    • Jason

      CleanCC is not compatible with iPhone 5S

  • svartkuken

    Conditional doesn’t seem to work with Instacast.

  • the only thing that makes this tweak worthwhile is the conditional music controls setting. other than that, Cloaky is way better than this tweak and has much more features. I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed it yet Jeff. you can disable CC toggles, status bar items, menu items (like cut, paste, select, etc.), and activity times (like post to twitter, post to Facebook, bookmark, etc). instead of CCHide, I’d give Cloaky a shot if I were you. it’s only a buck, which is reasonable enough for all the features it has.

  • Kevin

    I think there is a conflict with this and hiddensettings7 or flipcontrolcenter. If I turn off air play on my 5s with this, everything is squished. And I haven’t hid the music controls but there are hidden anyway…???

  • Krystian Łazowski

    Now please add an option to hide media control sliders (but only sliders).